Swap Blocks Sent/Received

Blocks Sent July I sent these out late so I sent them each 2.

Blocks Sent April 2012

Blocks Received April 2012

Blocks Sent March 2012

I was asked by one to do a yellow and blue log cabin.  After making it and seeing some other log cabins I am not sure if mine is um while a log cabin.  The other block they wanted black and white with a spash of read my wife said to make another log cabin but I did not have enough pieces of the right size so I made a wonky log cabin.  I am not at all sure if I like them.  Next month I am going to talk more to block partners and um work harder on this am rushed this month with baby on the way.

Blocks Received March 2012
This is the first block I have received this month.  I think I like the block that I got better then the one I sent. Makes me really want to think harder about making next blocks as I am not use to making 12 1/2 inch blocks its a challenge to me to do them well.

Blocks Sent February 2012

Blocks Received February 2012
Ank sent me these 2 blocks the first block I received was the one on the right.  She decided after she had mailed it that she did not like the quality of it so sent me the one on the right to replace it.  I love them both and they are keepers.  Both blocks are done in purple / lavender / light teal or aqua (light green's) They look wonderful to me.


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