Thursday, August 30, 2012

Link A Finish Friday #30

Posted by Richard

Link a finish Friday is when we here at Richard and Tanya Quilts let you show off what you have been working on this week.  We know that every one can not finish a quilt for every Friday, but every one can finish something to the point it is ready to show it off.

My finish that I am showing off this week is a HST baby quilt that I made out of Tanya's Twirl stash. This quilt is not finished yet, but it was to a point I showed it off.  In fact right now its in the sewing machine where I left it last night when Tanya got home and we started to watch Julia crawl.

The 2 most clicked quilts last week was Tanya's First Quilt and Lyn's Quiet Rebellion

Now it is your chance to show off what you have done.  The rules are simple.  Link something you have done.  Then visit 2-3 of the other quilts on the list and see what others are doing.  Please comment and share your support for our fellow quilters.

Oh and don't forget each link enters you into a drawing to win 2 FQ that I give out each month.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And the fun begins

Today's post by Richard.

To the victor goes the spoils or so Julia is telling us.  For those that have followed my blog for long you know that I started quilting because of Julia.  She is such an amazing little girl.  When she was born her little arm (right arm was hurt). We did not really talk about it because it worried us a lot and of course its a private matter.  She has a early intervention therapist that has been coming over to our house to help us learn what we could do to help her.  While yesterday they told us that they are going to do an evaluation and possibly kick her out of the program.

What? They don't want to help her any more? In the last week or so Julia has decided she can reach and grab any thing that is near.  As any good parent we try to keep things out of reach and we let her down on the ground as much as possible.  While sadly we now have a problem.

(if you are reading this in reader there is a video that you will want to watch)

Yes, Julia Dawn Healey is mobile.  Nothing is going to stand in the way of her getting to and eating all the paper in the house.  One thing I would like to point out is Julia turned 5 months old yesterday.  When I brought her home from the hospital the manual said

"Most babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7and 10 months"

Some one needs to let her know that she is breaking all the rules, now who has the manual for the advance speed kids? Needless to say I think her right arm is doing fine and ya its ok that she is getting booted from the program.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday #25

Today's Post by Richard

I like to take the chance every Wed and review the week in progress.  This week has been a busy one.  We are still in the middle of 2 giveaways In the mood for a giveaway and Back to school blog hop The both of have plenty of time to enter them if you haven't already.  This last weekend Tanya and I took some better pictures of some of our quilts at the International Peace Gardens near my house.

All in all I think the pictures turned out good.  I took a lot and I never realized how much work it was dragging quilts around.  In addition to picture taking and visiting every blog in the blog hop.  I have  as of tonight personally responding (I don't think I missed any of the emails) to every one that entered into both giveaway.  I just can't believe how much work that was.  I am looking forward to this weekend, to get a little more sewing time in and less time reading and writing.

I did get this quilt top finished this week and I believe Tanya basted it yesterday, but I have yet to go start quilting it.  My wife keeps pestering me to get off the computer and get to quilting.

I have many passions in life, quilting is one of them but by trade I am a programmer at heart and I have spent some time this week giving a small upgrade to one of my side projects that interests me a lot, but I just can't get others interested.  That is my site it is a website that you can register with for free and then use it to find shows you like and track which episodes you have watched.  Many of you have commented in the past about how I can quilt so much how do I have time.  The fact of the matter is I don't sleep enough.  I have ADHD and one of the side effects is it helps me be an amazing programmer (and quilter) sometimes that makes me fail as a husband and dad.  Though as this last week I have been so involved getting my changes done to Track My Shows that I have neglected my kids and family.  Any way the changes are all done and I can get back to quilting.

Last week I talked about going social (that is sort of what got me distracted with my Track My Shows site) I have long had a blog for it and I have added to both the main site and my blog links to social media.  I have created a page for it and Richard and Tanya quilts on both Google+ and on Facebook.  While  I am thinking about it, I want to thank all of you that have liked and shared and other wise my site on both the social media's it means a lot to me.  Any way its getting late and I have work in the morning so good night and have a great Work in Progress Wednesday

Today is a Work In Progress Wednesday.   I will be linking up with Freshly Pieced.  

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Swaps and Finished Tops

Posted by Richard

To start out tonight I want to say sorry to my block swap partners for July on the and 12 1/2 inch swaps.  I have been doing too many things, but not the right things .In an attempt to right the ship I sent each of my partners 2 blocks this month (while my July block partners, I still need to do August I might make it by the end of the month).

While not completely slacking on my block swaps, I did finish a quilt top last night for a baby blanket.

I started this top last week to do a "Quick and Easy" project.  Partly because I think the simplicity of this type of quilt is nice and partly because I ran out of baby girl quilts in my stash and needed one for the etsy store.  I have done many HST and never had a issue with them.  This ended up any thing but Easy.  I did a fast Google to find out measurements to cut a HST and found a neat blog post about how you could sew 2 fabrics face to face around all 4 sides and then cut a x across it and presto 4 HSQ.  I though wow such a great idea.  WRONG! worst thing I ever did in my life. I keep forgetting I am still new to quilting and I have a lot to learn.  I have heard about sewing on bias and never ever had issues with sewing any angles.  While because I had all 4 sides of my triangle cut at angles when it came to sewing those dumb blocks back together it made me want to scream.  (this is where Tanya would pipe in and tell you I did scream.  In fact I stomped around a little and yelled).  So it is now my opinion that I hate that method which seemed so quick and cool when I started and ended up terrible   

Any way my little princess can always calm me down (not sure who took this picture, it was on the camera when I downloaded the rest) but she is in Jail in her crib and she has one of them let me out of here looks on her face.  I just can't believe she is growing up so fast.

Speaking of growing up, Jared is in 3rd grade and again I found on the camera this official I got dressed and ready for school picture.

A reminder for any one that missed I have 2 giveaways going on

has 3 different prizes.

Giving away a FQ and 2 bowls my sister in law made.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look a Squirrel

Posted by Tanya

Yesterday Richard and I decided to take some of our quilts with really bad pictures to the park/garden to take some nice outside shots.  It was my turn to take pictures and Richard was holding Julia, when the next thing you know he wants the camera and hands me Julia.

 He had to take a break to go get a shot of a squirrel and then a Praying Mantis, a Bee and then we could get back to the task at hand.  ADHD is so entertaining sometimes. I can say this, because I have it too, just different.

Back to the pictures.  Here is one example of a old picture of a quilt and a new one we just took. Notice any difference.
Taken inside.

New outside picture.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilters Blog Hop Party with Giveaways

Blog Hop Party with Give-AwaysPosted by Richard.  Will ship anywhere.

Today is Quilting Gallery's starting day for blog hop with giveaways to celebrate back to school days.  Tanya and I are excited to celebrate because we have 3 kids back in school.

To let you know a little about Richard and Tanya Quilts, our quilting adventure or rather my quilting adventure started back in  December 2011.  I have been married for a while now and at that time had 3 wonderful children ranging from 16 - 7.  My wife and I had decided that it was time to have another child (some of you may be thinking with kids that old we must be nuts), but we decided to have another baby. After Tanya got pregnant, I started to think about all the things I needed for the new baby including a quilt. You probably think that is easy to come by.  At the time I knew no one that could quilt .  I approached my wife and asked her to make our baby (She is born now and her name is Julia) a quilt.

We are not a traditional family in the way we run the house.  I am a kids and baby person (I change diapers, feed the kids, cook etc). My wife on the other hand is a Electronics Tech. She works with her hands repairing and fixing broken electronics devices.  I make this point because I am a programmer and have a serious phobia of getting my hands dirty.  When something breaks around yard or house it usually her fixing it.

So your saying enough of a history lesson, this is a giveaway get to the point.  My wife told me that if I wanted a quilt make it yourself. Hum.  How hard could it be to make a quilt. That started  For a long time it was just me making quilts.  I made my first blog post on Jan 2, 2012. It is worth a read to go back and see where it all started.

Yes I did make the quilt for Julia, it was the 2nd quilt I ever made and its name is Hearts and Flowers, you can follow that link to read more about it.  I did not stop there as my goal was not to make rag quilts (that's what my first few quilts were, because I had no clue how to "Quilt" a pieced quilt.)

It did not take me long to get the nerve to machine quilt that first pieced quilt. The quilts name is Train Wrek you can follow that link to find out more about it.  Note the name is not because there are trains in the quilt, but that the quilt as a whole was a complete wreck from the start (its a interesting read trust me).

This is a batik top that I have recently finished, the largest one to date (Its only twin size). My skills are growing,  but I am far from the quilter I one day hope to be.
 Now 9 months later, I am still lost (OK not lost, but not where I want to be). I set a goal to make 52 quilts this year, 1 per week and I have almost already done that (mostly lap or baby quilts). I am setting a new goal and that is to make a few larger quilts once a month (in addition to the smaller ones).  I want to make a queen size similar to the batik above for my bed (I haven't yet made a quilt for my own bed).


Yes I have stopped blabbing, its time to giveaway.  I would like to have 3 separate giveaways. Each one with a different way of entering. (I will list at the end some bonus entries for those that want to increase their luck)

Before you get too discouraged, you can make one single post and do any or all of the below to enter contest.  I will put every thing into a spread sheet.  Though if its easier for you, you may have more then one post also.

Contest A
 Leave a comment on the post telling me a quilting goal you have. (no strings attached other then you have to have a goal)

Contest B
 Follow my blog (you can do so via email, GFC, Reader etc) just tell me in  comment how you follow. (if your new tell me that too)

Contest C
  Like Richard and Tanya Quilts page on Facebook, Follow on Google+, Follow me on twitter.  (tell me which ones in your comment)

Now with 3 contests we need 3 prizes. Because I have 3 prizes and 3 contests you would think 1 prize belongs to a specific contest, nope that takes the fun out.  When we draw for winners the first drawing will be which prize of the 3 listed below will go to Contest A, which will go to Contest B and which will go to Contest C.  I know some will not want to do all 3 of the above, which is fine, you will get a chance to win a prize.  But if you do all 3, you will be in 3 different contests not just one (Maybe if supper lucky you can win all 3, but I hope we have 3 different winners).

I will at the end of the post give an example post so if you get lost look at that.


Prize 1 
This is 2/3 yard of a fabric called Dress Up Days by Doohikey Designs (A Riley Blake Designs)

Prize 2
4 Fat Quarters picked to to match together.  
There is a solid black, and two Butterfly FQ's - Ball not sure the line or designer. The purple flower is an unknown name or designer.

Prize 3
This is my favorite.  With Halloween approaching I just cant wait to make a Ghastlies quilt, the fabric line is from Alexander Henry.  There are 6 FQ's in grays.

I know your saying how can I give away the Ghastlies?  Well I held back a few of them for me.

Pesrsonal stash, not giveaway.
Yes 17 FQ and a little yardage can we say I have some Ghastly plans up my sleeves (Remember this bundle I am NOT giving away, but the 3 above are!


Bonus Entry (you can have up to 5 bonus entries) Please be specific on the bonuses to which of the 3 contests you are wanting it applied too I will give example below.  (you must have already completed the original requirement to add it).  Note you can do all below if you want, but only 5 bonus entries

1) Blog about my giveaway (linking back to my site)
2) Facebook about giveaway (linking back to my site)
3) Tweet about Giveaway (linking back to my site)
4) Post on Google+ Giveaway (linking back to my site)
5) Pin one of my completed quilts on Pinterest (go to any of my completed blog posts and pin directly to that post one of the images on it please pick posts about completed quilts or blocks you like)  You can do this on up to 3 times (remember only 5 bonus entries).
6) visit my Etsy store and like store or items in store.  You can do this up to 2 times.
7) +1 any blog post on my site. You can do this up to 3 times.
8) Surprise me and do something more creative as a bonus entry!


So to recap 3 prizes, 3 giveaways, up to 5 bonus entries (you pick which giveaway)

Example 1

I leave a comment telling about my goal to make 52 quilts in 52 weeks (Contest A entry) I also am a follower in GFC and Reader (Contest B entry) I hate social media and do not enter Contest C.
I also Like the Etsy store (I want Extra entry in contest A) and I +1 this post (Extra entry Contest B)

I have 2 entries in Contest A, 2 entries in Contest B, 0 in the social crap!

Example 2

I share my goal about making 1 Queen size quilt a month (A), I follow in reader (B), I follow on G+ (C) I also Posted about the giveaway on Google+ (C), Tweeted about it (C) +1 Julia's quilts blog post (C), Liked Etsy store (C), I did something surprising (no I am not going to tell you what) (C)

I have 1 in A, 1 in B, and 6 in C (yes hedging my bet that not many will enter this and I want to win it)

Thanks again for visiting Richard and Tanya Quilts, have a GREAT! Day. (Oh and don't forget to click on the big button at top of the post and visit all the other giveaway's going on this week).

This is open for international entries and will giveaway will close on September 3rd.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Link a Finish Friday #29

Every Friday, Richard and Tanya quilts sponsors a Link a Finish Friday with prizes. This is the place you can show off your latest finish.  A finish is any thing you have done up to a point.  That can be a block finish, a quilt finish, a quilt top finish, or you just want to show off what you worked on this week.  The point is that we are all sharing and learning from each other.  Tanya once a month, with the help of our winner picker Jared, will pick one of those link ups from all Link a Finish Friday's.  The winner will win 2 Fat Quarters of your choice from a selection of FQ which Tanya will put together each month.

As our official show off this week, I am pleased to show off Tanya's first Designed and Completed quilt.  Tanya pointed out to me today that she was sad that few visited her post and commented on her quilt.  If any one that has not yet looked at her finish could take a moment to visit it and tell her she did a great job.  That is what Link a Finish Friday is about.  Sharing what you made and more important visiting those shares and patting them on the back for a job well done.

The most visited post from last week was from Mike over at The Amateur Quilter he has Buzz and his friends from Toy Story coming to the rescue on this wonderful quilt for his grandson's 4th Birthday.  What a lucky kid.

Also for any one that missed we yesterday posted a giveaway of some bowls that my sister in law made, if you have not yet stop by and enter.

Thanks again for visiting Richard and Tanya Quilts and supporting  our quilting adventures.

So for the rules.

1) Who likes rules. Toss them out.
2) Add a link to your finish blog or where ever you show off your finishes (Not limited to quilts but I like them the most).
3) Visit a few of the finishes and comment or encourage them on.
4) Monthly random winner picked from all of the months linkups to win 2 fat quarters.

Not Required but fun to do

1) Follow my blog.
2) Follow the blog of all those that link.
3) Link back to my blog.
4) No finish, go quilt and stop reading the web.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am in the mood for a giveaway what about you?

I was sitting in the sewing room tonight cutting up HST (started a new project, because while you can't have too many projects right?) And it hit me.  No not a brick in the head, it hit me that I have not been as giving lately as I was months ago.

As you can see from the picture I have again stated another project with the Twirl line of fabric my wife bought when I won a $50 gift certificate I blogged about that here.  Also this week my Sister In Law opened her Etsy Store ToshasPottery.

So what is it that I plan to giveaway you ask?

I wanted to give something Quilt like (as this is a quilting blog after all) and I wanted to give something that I bought from Tosha (or she might have given it to me I have so many cool things she has made) .

So when my wife came home from work, I pitched my idea of giving away some of the loot.  She agreed and brought me the 2 bowls ahead and my Lizard FQ that I bought.
You might remember that I have talked about Lizards in the past.  I don't part easily with Lizards, but hey I am in a giving mood.

So again to make things clear I am giving away 2 bowls that are hand crafted pottery from my sister in law which she also sells at her Etsy store here and I am giving away one cool Fat Quarter of a wonderful Lizard Print.

I am sure some of you are saying hey there is a blog hop next week, why not wait.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

I have decided that I am going to give away today the above listed items and then on Aug 25 though Sept 3 I am going to give away even more stuff.

So yes I am committing to 2 giveaways this week.

OK I know your all saying shut up and just tell me what I have to do to win those wonderful Lizards (I know I am ,can I enter?) Or you want the bowls OK so here it is.

Each item listed below is a entry, so its not do all or lose, its do all and have higher chance to win.

1) Leave a post telling me why you love Lizards (you can lie I won't hold it against you).
2) Follow my blog (or tell me you already follow it) for a entry in separate comment.
3) +1 (found at bottom of this post) this blog post  or Follow Richard and Tanya Quilts G+ page or like us on Facebook. When done add another comment.
4) Post about this giveaway on Facebook or G+ or twitter or all 3 then comment that you did.
5) Last and most important Please visit and Favorite her store or one of her items and come back and tell me here.

If you read yesterdays post I am intrigued by this social networking thing so if you you did not read the post go check it out.

This giveaway is open to any one any where in the world.  Thanks again for visiting my blog and helping me out with this giving spirit I am in today.  It seems in my rush to give away last night I forgot to mention when it ends.  This will be open until 9/1/2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday #24 and Social Media

Today's Post brought to you by Richard

I have been thinking lately how to bring my blog to the next level and get involved in Social Media.  For me this is a huge thing because I HATE Facebook.  I know that is a sin and I should not do it.  It's all about every one in the world knowing what I am doing.  That sounds funny from a Guy that has a quilting blog (and tons of other blogs and sites I try to promote).  How can I hate social media if I love to be social.

So today I make my first step in the social world by accepting the fact that its not bad to be such.  And as proof of that I have created a Google+ page for Richard and Tanya Quilts.  What can I say I like Google more then Facebook.  But being fair to those that don't like Google, but love Facebook I created a Facebook page for Richard and Tanya Quilts.  But we can't stop there I also love Pinterest and just love to be pinned and pin there under my name

What do I ask of you my faithful followers?  While if you like my post please G+ it (you can find the G+ at end of each post.  You can also add my Google+ page to your circles.  For those that love or like (or want to convert me back to the Facebook as there stock tumbles) please Like the Richard and Tanya Quilts Facebook page.  You can also Facebook about any of my posts (there is also a button for this, twitter, blogging and emailing about post) right next to the G+ button.  Also please Pin any and all you find or like on Pinterest.

I also sell my wonderful quilts (and willing to make custom quilts for any that might like) though and for those that are interested use the Coupon Code BLOGDISCOUNT to get 20% off.

Well enough thinking lets talk about what Tanya and I did this last week.


I have been busy I finished my newest batik quilt top.  I have yet to come up with a name (or what to put on its back) this is the largest pieced quilt to date.  It is a decent size twin top (Rebecca who's bed I tested it on offered to keep it but I don't think so)  I am pretty sure I plan to sell this one.  I am getting more confident and quilts are getting bigger.  I would love to make one similar to this one queen size for my bed.

My baby Dresden had its binding finished last night.  I was looking around to figure out where my labels where when I got distracted.  I still need to finish putting the label on it and washing it to call if finished so expect to see it again soon.

I also finished my newest Color Blast quilt (I am making a pattern of the same name that I plan to give away) I need to sit down and finish writing it up and then give it out and get feed back so I know how to improve it. (the pattern not my quilt I am keeping it I just love this one)

Tanya this week finished her first quilt (While made me finish her first quilt for her) I tried to get her to quilt it but she would not.  She was afraid to mess it up.  She pieced the entire quilt top her self and pieced the back and basted the quilt.  I quilted and put the binding on.  I will soon get her to do this too.


You thought my social media thing was all done but NOPE!! you are wrong.  Many of my followers might have noticed that I added many of you on Google+ today and as time goes on I will add the rest of you.  (I simply ran out of time).  While I was in the midst of writing this post it came to my realization that I had never tweeted or been tweeted too (Is that even the correct term?) So I went out and did the ultimate sacrifice and created a twitter account.  So you can follow me or tweet me at @rhealey101.  I have no clue how to tweet so some one tweet me some instructions.

By the way check back next week I will be having a giveaway to any one that can help me get social up to date.  Now tell me your opinion to all this social crap!

Today is a Work In Progress Wednesday.   I will be linking up with Freshly Pieced.  

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Purple Papillon & Freedom

Post by Tanya

The Purple Quilt is done.  I haven't thought of name yet or a good name. Swirly Purple Butterfly just doesn't seem right.   Does anyone have  suggestions for a name?  I decided to go with the suggestion Purple Papillon. I pieced the top, and some of the back with leftover blocks, basted it, and Richard quilted it.  I think our joint effort turned out nicely. One more gift for Christmas done, many more to go.  Both Richard and I need to get back to finishing our blocks for the beginner QAL. I am behind at least three now.  I need to take some outside pictures, this doesn't do it justice.

Close up of the butterfly quilted in center of block.

The older two kids start back at school on Wednesday.  It is the first time in 7 years they have been in the same school.  James is starting his senior year and Rebecca her freshman year.  I think I am more excited for them to start than they are.  Jared doesn't start 3rd grade until next Monday. I am looking forward to time with just Julia.  No more "Don't wake Mom" at the top of their lungs.  Working nights can be not so fun when you have a family. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Ramblings

This post is brought to you by Tanya, complete with non edited pictures.  This computer doesn't have photo editing software. Please ignore the messy desk.

Last Friday, I was really getting fed up with our Singer Stylist sewing machine. Richard's Janome scares me at this point  (I am afraid I will break it and we need two machines, yes technically a third machine, since I don't like Rebecca's little mechanical one).   I told him we need to do something with this machine, so we looked up the warranty information and found out parts and labor were covered for a year. We bought the machine online, but took it back to a local store. After locating the box and the second trip to the store, they refunded our purchase price and we went and bought a new machine at a different store. They only carry sewing machines online. 

Ignore the messy desk. 
Yes it is the same model sewing  machine.  Richard figured if we were buying a new entry line machine, we may as well buy something I was familiar with and that the extension table we already have will fit.  It is amazing how much easier it it to sew with a non-wobbly sewing machine.

Over the weekend, Richard quilted the purple Double Churn/Rail Fence quilt for my Step Mother's Christmas gift.    It is ready to be bound, in fact the binding is already prepped.  Here is a picture of the back,  and a close up of one of the six butterflies. One of us will post about the finished quilt in a day or two.

Below is the partial top I am working on for my Sister in Law Megan.  She claims to be a girly girl, so hopefully she likes it and appreciates the not so perfect quilt top.  Yes, it is definitely the work of a beginner.  Stuff doesn't line up like I wanted it to. I have leaned tons while make this top, like how important it is to measure exactly, iron seams correctly and also to have a real plan instead of just making random blocks I saw in a book. Making the finished quilt block a size I had a square ruler to trim would have probably been helpful as well. I think it helps to have a non-broken machine too.
Richard finished the twin sized Batik top he has been working on.  It looks gorgeous.  It is going to be a pain to baste though.  I have a bit unusual way to baste quilts, but it works great for baby or lap quilts.  We have powerful magnets that we bought at quilting show and I hang the quilt sandwich on the wall after a few safety pins have been added and baste it while it is hanging up. 
To end this post here are a two cute pictures of Julia.  Disclaimer, before you think we are horrible parents, she grabbed the bag and liked the noise it made and I thought it would be a cute picture.  She was not eating the chips and was mad we took it away before she could eat the bag.

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