Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quilts, Young Women, Quilting, Pinata, Skunks and more

What a crazy last few months I have had.  To stat with I will share the above quilt it was hanging on the wall a chapel in Tropic Utah.  Whenever I travel, when I see a quilt I always have to take a picture of it.  This quilt is just amazing its a little mini quilt with 6 blocks one from each ward in their stake.  We were visiting the small town of Tropic, while going to my wife's grandmothers funeral.  I think a sign that I am getting old is that I am running out of relatives.  Tanya and I no longer have living grandparents and with both our fathers gone we only have our mothers and siblings left in the family.

Today is just a catch all day for all the pictures that has been hanging out looking for a home.  Last month I got to go to Girls Camp as part of the bishopric and the girls had to pose for a picture.  They are kinda shy so it took 2 tries to see their faces.  Well maybe they were just trying to show off their jackets the topic this year was fairy tales and the one they chose was little red riding hood.

I did manage to get a quilt quilted this last month, but did not yet get it bound.  It is a helix quilt out of reunion fabric (one of my favorite lines) and I am sadly running out of it.  I hope to get it bound this weekend, if I can get around too it.

Tanya and I want to get back into the swing of things, sooner rather then later as we have some gift ideas for Christmas and we must get going on quilting if we are to get them done.  This next picture Julia made me add when I was going though my phone to find some pictures to post, I found one of her and she said I must add it so here it is.

Once we get on a Julia kick, we just can't stop there.  We had a ward party recently and they had a pinata and I had to snap a picture of her trying to crush it .  I just happened to get Jared in the shot too, so he gets some time on the blog too.

A couple days ago while walking in the morning, I came across a skunk. That made me slow my walk down while he slowly waddled down the path, needles to say I kept my distance from him.

My wife, a few weeks ago basted 6 quilts.  Just to make sure I realized I am getting behind on quilting she left me the pile of their bindings.  I guess I really need to get moving.

Can a random blog post be complete with out getting a little side tracked with Squirrel?  This little guy was running down a power line near the Jordan river where I walk.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Pattern and a Giveaway

The winner of our giveaway is Emily Callender who entered on Facebook.  Thanks to all those who entered.

We have a new pattern Diagonal Table Runner.   We are giving away a digital version of pattern and supplies to make the table runner in the colors of your choice.  If you are not a quilter, we will make a table runner in your color choices.  (continue reading below)

What do you have to do to be entered to win this prize, like Richard & Tanya Quilts on Facebook and share post. If you already like us on Facebook, just share the post. This giveaway will take place on Friday July 29th at 10 am.  

Please make sure that you are not a no reply blogger so we can contact you.  If you are entering on Facebook only, please make sure to check back, because sometimes we can't always contact you if you should win.

You can also find us on Etsy and find us on Craftsy you can buy this and many other patterns at both locations.  Please feel free to like, comment or share those locations too.

Included here are 5 pictures of table runners we made while making our pattern.  Remember Like us on Facebook and share the post with your friends and come back here and put a comment making sure your not a no-reply blogger so we can get hold of you if you win.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pioneer Quilting and our Trek

To start off, I want to say that yes I have again vanished for over a month.  There is a good reason and my life should get a little simpler in a couple weeks.  Our church from time to time sends our youth on Pioneer Treks.  This is to re-enact the hand cart journey to the Salt Lake Valley where we reside.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My post will not be about the church. It it is relevant to what I have been preparing to do and what we just got back from.

For our trek, we went to Rocky Ridge which is at the sixth crossing of the Sweetwater and also to Martins Cove.  Both are in Wyoming, a 5+ hour drive from where we live in the Salt Lake Valley. There were around 200 youth and leaders. Tanya and I were one of the leaders helping on this Trek.  I will first talk about my quilting involved and then maybe a little about the Trek.  As this is a quilting blog that is mostly what I will talk about.

Above are three quilted seat covers that I made for us.  Tanya, Jared, our son, and I went.  When the Pioneer's came West they were only allowed 17 pounds of  personal gear (on the handcart groups) and for our re-enactment we had 5 gallon buckets to store our stuff in and they also doubled as our chairs and so these were to pad our bucket while we sat on them.

The second thing I made was cooling neck bands, these above are the 20 that I made.  They were for the youth and leaders that went from our ward.

Any way one of the hand carts 

Our son Jared with his family on trek, he is the one standing on top the hand cart (top of picture)

Last a picture of Tanya and I and below just one random handcart picture from our group

Monday, June 13, 2016

John Deere Girl Quilt #2 and Twin Girls

The purpose of our vacation last week was to deliver this quilt and a similar quilt too it that we posted about Last November.  My brother in law lives in Southern Utah and has spent many a year diving John Deere equipment in the work he does.  So when he had a pair of twin girls we felt it fit to give him a pair of John Deere Rag Quilts.  The first quilt (follow the link above) was made as part of a custom order but was never bought and paid for.  So its now the first of 2 gifts.

It is amazing how much Julia is growing up and how much she wants to help and participate in our quilting adventures. Often she tries to sit on my lap while I quilt or run the pedal while I quilt which tends to make some creative quilting.  Or best of all testing out the quilts we make to make sure they are snuggle enough. For this quilt she wanted to help me take pictures.

I am not sure what I like most in the picture above the cute quilt or the cute smile on Julia's face as she helps me take pictures.  Below is the twins that received these quilts their baby blessing is what prompted our trip and this was the first time Tanya and I had seen the twins and got to hold them.

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