Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pinwheel Quilt with Scrappy Border

I have been waiting to post these pictures for a couple weeks hoping that I would get the pattern finished.  But as luck would have it I am yet to finish it.

Months ago Tanya wanted to make some HST quilts.  We did Chevron, HST and these pinwheels.  There was 3 of each quilt in the works.  This is the first of the pinwheels to be finished.

For pictures Tanya took the quilt to the park.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Link a Finish Friday #114

Here are some great linked up items from last week.

Monthly Giveaway of $15 Gift Card from our sponsor Fat Quarter Shop. Please thank them and visit them for your quilting needs here are some of the places you can find them.

Their store at their blog and Facebook page

Link up Rules are simple.  Link up something you have finished, Worked on, blogged about, slaved over or other wise accomplished over the last week or so.

No item not allowed.  Link up some of yours, visit some of the others and enjoy your quilting day.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along and Joining Rows

It is time to sew all the rows together.  I am late linking up this week so this will be short and simple

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Lizard Quilt

As you know I love lizards.  I am not sure how many in the past I have made, but I will make dozens going forward because every quilt needs a lizard right?

This quilt is made from our baby bricks pattern which we sell on Craftsy.  I love these quilts they are so fun  and easy to make. I really think every one should make one (how is that as a sells pitch)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blue Diagonal

I would love to share today our newest Diagonal Quilt.  For those interested you can find the pattern on Craftsy.  This is our 3rd quilt and 4th total diagonal quilt done (one was a table topper)

The quilt pictures at the park, I think turned out pretty fantastic.  I love the scrappy binding and the scrappy look of the piecing of the quilt.  This is my favorite so far.

Tanya will find this funny, but I don't like the above picture.  Not because it looks bad, but because its sideways.  Making the quilts I get pretty set in my brain what is the top and the bottom and this picture is on its side.  I believe the left side is top if memory serves.

Speaking of going the wrong way this one is upside down, but I like it better this way.  Any way so maybe my considerations of top and bottom need to change.  Side note from Tanya, if I took the last picture the other direction, the piecing wouldn't show up.

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