Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Winner of LAFF

The winner of the the 2 fat quarters for LAFF is Alyce at blossom heart quilts.  She has her choice of 2 of the 8 fat quarters.

Life has been busy the last few days.  On Saturday we went hiking as a family. We went up by Lake Solitude which is basically between, Brighton and Solitude Ski Resorts. Richard and I need to get in better shape, we were very tired the next day.  James, our oldest is camping/backpacking with scouts in the high Unitas for the week. We have been busy getting last minute preps for his camp.

I have been working on the purple quilt for my step-mother.  I have all the blocks done and the 4 rows or 3 blocks sewn together. I didn't notice that I had one row wrong direction for picture, good thing they aren't sewn together yet.

Richard has been working on his 12 days quilts. (Richard now taking over the blog post, Tanya wrote every thing above)

I love giving things away and now that I quilt I have a special project I am working on for Christmas.  Now normally I am not a do something long ahead guy, but I don't want to do it in small scale I always think huge.  My family for the past few years (I think 4-5?) has been doing secret Santa.  It started out a lady I home taught (church thing) was kinda sad and not in a Christmas mood so the 12 days leading up to Christmas we brought a gift and left it on their door step.  Our family had so much fun giving that each year since my wife starts shopping the after Christmas sales for cheap gifts and we have been preparing a box.  We like to do a bigger gift the last day and  this year I want to give a 12 days wall hanging,  you can follow that link for where I found this great idea.  Any way its a mini wall quilt with 12 blocks, the first having 1 material going upwards for the last block, yep you guessed it to have 12 pieces.  I got to counting all the people I need to make one for (we are doing 3 families this year), my own, my home teaching families, my friend at work, a guy down the street.   By the time I got done counting, I ran out of fingers and the toes were close to gone also.  So the above shot is the first 7 days done.  Each stack has about 20 blocks in it (except the last 2 I did not cut enough the first time, so will just come back for them when I get the other blocks done)

Needless to say all this cutting and sewing the last 5 or so days on this project made me hungry.  So I decided Sunday that I wanted cinnamon rolls and of course in my giving spirit I wanted to take some to work.  Tanya agreed to help me make them if I wanted some.  So I made some. You can thank BeccaCooks for the directions to make your own..

Now that my fingers are tired and my belly is full I am going to sit down and watch TV.  You know I have a link for this too.  http://trackmyshows.com/ is another site of mine that I created (free to use) so that myself and others can keep track of whats on TV.  You can create a user account.  Find shows that you like to watch, and then using the calendar or the quick list page find out what they should be watching tonight on TV.  My list tells me that I have Warehouse 12 and Perception that I can watch tonight while I sit down and try to pound out another block or 2. 

Thanks again to all those that have linked up on LAFF.  Please remember their are more prizes to win so make sure you stop by each Friday and link up.


Coral said...

Can I make a suggestion? Either start each post 'Tanya: or 'Richard: OR always use 'your font', so we, your loyal readers, know straightaway who has written the blog entry?

I love your progress on your quilts. How is your new sewing machine performing?

Valspierssews said...

I just love that 12 days of Christmas quilt idea. I am going to see if I can find more blocks with the right number of pieces so I can make it more like me.

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