Thursday, August 9, 2012

Link a Finish Friday #27

Today's Post comes to you from Richard

Wow, I can not believe another week has come and gone.  I feel like its been months since I have been able to spend any time sewing and its really only been a few days.  I am a computer programmer by day and when I was showing off something of mine to a friend at work, I realized that something was broken (On one of my many web sites).  That lead to me doing some things that I had been putting off forever on another website.  And of course Julia is getting cuter and busier by the day (and taking more of my time).  So you are asking why all this dribble, your not talking about quilting.

I am right now thinking about Dresden's, I belong to the SLMQG and they are having a contest at the end of this month (well next month is the linkup time). You see they are all women and I am not one. I can't be beat by a bunch of women (well my wife beats me all the time, but we won't talk about that) any way I do not dare show up to next months meeting with out a Dresden quilt of some kind.  I have yet to get inspired.  I am thinking of doing a baby quilt, but have yet to pick material or even get inspired on design.  The above image by way is from a Dresden Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and am linking it here as one idea as to what I want to do (or while how to make a Dresden).

So I need help.  If you have a Dresden quilt that you have worked on in the last 6 months or completed please link them up today (I need ideas).  Also I need Dresden advice.  If you know of a tutorial that is easier or even a different idea of how to make them please leave a note and let me know where it is.

One last question for the road.  I have a large wedge ruler and a small one.  Is it easier to make bigger Dresden's or smaller Dresden's.

The most popular quilt last week was from The Amateur Quilter, so thank you for linking up your finish it looks amazing.  Don't forget for each linkup you get into our random drawing for Fat Quarters.  The ones picked by last month's winner is the top left 2 from the picture below.  Thanks again for all those that link up.

Each link on LAFF enters you into a random drawing for 2 fat quarters each month. The winner will be picked the Thursday after the last Friday of each month.  The winner have their choice of 2 fat quarters from the 8 pictured.  These are from my stash, but have no current project with their name on them.  Some of them are items I got from the shop hop, others are items that came with materials we bought, but did not make it into a project.

Thanks again for visiting Richard and Tanya Quilts and supporting  our quilting adventures.

So for the rules.

1) Who likes rules. Toss them out.
2) Add a link to your finish blog or where ever you show off your finishes (Not limited to quilts but I like them the most).
3) Visit a few of the finishes and comment or encourage them on.
4) Monthly random winner picked from all of the months linkups to win 2 fat quarters.

Not Required but fun to do

1) Follow my blog.
2) Follow the blog of all those that link.
3) Link back to my blog.
4) No finish, go quilt and stop reading the web.


Mike Pearson said...

I would love to link up today, but I have not finished anything this week! I might have a quilt top finished when I get home tonight. I haven't sewn the border on it yet. That's what I have been working on all week!!! Cool that I was popular last week :) I guess they think I'm hexy ;)

Mike Pearson said...

Forgot to mention, I have never used Dresdens before. I won a Dresden ruler awhile back. It's 8 inches. I haven't used it yet. I am going to make a Christmas quilt with it in the near future. Good luck with yours!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but, you can make easy Dresden's using one of the rulers. Sew the pointed end of the Dresden piece, then, sew the pieces together, all this with a machine. Then, place the Dresden circle on a foundation piece and pin well. You can either hand stitch, or machine stitch the 'plate' in place. When that is done, cut your circle (middle piece) in place and stitch down, again either by hand or machine. This is also fun to do as 'fans' (1/4 of the Dresden plate) placed in the corner of the foundation piece. Twist and turn the fans for a funky look. Glad Julia is doing so well. I just dropped my youngest off at college. Eek!

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