Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday #25

Today's Post by Richard

I like to take the chance every Wed and review the week in progress.  This week has been a busy one.  We are still in the middle of 2 giveaways In the mood for a giveaway and Back to school blog hop The both of have plenty of time to enter them if you haven't already.  This last weekend Tanya and I took some better pictures of some of our quilts at the International Peace Gardens near my house.

All in all I think the pictures turned out good.  I took a lot and I never realized how much work it was dragging quilts around.  In addition to picture taking and visiting every blog in the blog hop.  I have  as of tonight personally responding (I don't think I missed any of the emails) to every one that entered into both giveaway.  I just can't believe how much work that was.  I am looking forward to this weekend, to get a little more sewing time in and less time reading and writing.

I did get this quilt top finished this week and I believe Tanya basted it yesterday, but I have yet to go start quilting it.  My wife keeps pestering me to get off the computer and get to quilting.

I have many passions in life, quilting is one of them but by trade I am a programmer at heart and I have spent some time this week giving a small upgrade to one of my side projects that interests me a lot, but I just can't get others interested.  That is my site http://trackmyshows.com/ it is a website that you can register with for free and then use it to find shows you like and track which episodes you have watched.  Many of you have commented in the past about how I can quilt so much how do I have time.  The fact of the matter is I don't sleep enough.  I have ADHD and one of the side effects is it helps me be an amazing programmer (and quilter) sometimes that makes me fail as a husband and dad.  Though as this last week I have been so involved getting my changes done to Track My Shows that I have neglected my kids and family.  Any way the changes are all done and I can get back to quilting.

Last week I talked about going social (that is sort of what got me distracted with my Track My Shows site) I have long had a blog for it http://trackmyshows.blogspot.com/ and I have added to both the main site and my blog links to social media.  I have created a page for it and Richard and Tanya quilts on both Google+ and on Facebook.  While  I am thinking about it, I want to thank all of you that have liked and shared and other wise my site on both the social media's it means a lot to me.  Any way its getting late and I have work in the morning so good night and have a great Work in Progress Wednesday

Today is a Work In Progress Wednesday.   I will be linking up with Freshly Pieced.  

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Mary said...

You have been quite busy. I have been working my way through the blogs. I think I still have F thru I to go. It has been fun looking at everything, hasn't it?

Your pics turned out great. Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...

It's good to do something with all that ADHD energy! =)

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