Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look a Squirrel

Posted by Tanya

Yesterday Richard and I decided to take some of our quilts with really bad pictures to the park/garden to take some nice outside shots.  It was my turn to take pictures and Richard was holding Julia, when the next thing you know he wants the camera and hands me Julia.

 He had to take a break to go get a shot of a squirrel and then a Praying Mantis, a Bee and then we could get back to the task at hand.  ADHD is so entertaining sometimes. I can say this, because I have it too, just different.

Back to the pictures.  Here is one example of a old picture of a quilt and a new one we just took. Notice any difference.
Taken inside.

New outside picture.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We all have 'look, squirrel' at times. It keeps us from getting bored, but, unfortunately, it also keeps us from getting some stuff finished, oh well. I'd rather keep from being bored than worry about finishing. Cute pics.

Lisa said...

Makes a big deal where we photograph our photos. Do everything outside if you ca on a sunny day.

Anonymous said...

The outside pic gives it a wonderful look - love the background! How big is that one? ADHD has it's good side. =) If you are hard up for views of squirrels, you can come look at the telephone wire from my house to across the street, any time. There's likely to be a squirrel using it as the highway most any time you look. =) Yours on the bride is quite nicely posed.

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