Saturday, August 11, 2012

All is well that ends well

Today's post brought to you by Richard

While I finally did it.  I broke down and made a Dresden.  My guild SLMQG is having a Dresden competition (Just got distracted the 2  quilts I showed off last month in guild meeting are listed on a post on guild site yea!).  Well I am running out of time to get serious to enter the competition.  So I must make some serious progress in the next couple days so I can get something to turn in for the competition.  Just so you all know this is not a guild only event.  Their is lots of NICE prizes so please make up a Dresden project and enter.

Last night just as it was starting to get dark my kids ran in the house screaming that the neighbors tree fell into our yard.  I ran out to look and was happy to find that it did not land on the power line (we have over head power in my area).  While scouting around I was saddened to realize that a coaxial cable was laying on the ground.  I ran in the house to realize that my Internet is out.  How can any one live with out Internet.  I was so excited to post about my Dresden but I could not get online.  Before I finish my story, I want to show you what happened 3 years ago this month.

Yes this is the same yard you can see in the picture above.  The top picture the right side of the picture is my neighbors yard and the left side is my yard.  In the bottom picture the left is their yard and the right is my yard.  So 3 years ago my tree fell into their yard hitting the roof and landing on the car.  My insurance company loved me.  The tree was dying and we had talked just weeks before that we needed to have it removed.  This time 3 year later its payback and the limb is now in my yard and our poor fence is dead.

Any way to start over on a good note today I finally cut into the Reunion material that we bought during the shop hop.  We ended up with 21 different fat quarters (22 we had one duplicate).  I took a six inch cut off the end of each fat quarter (the above picture was after the cutting) and was able to cut  8-9 petals of each material type.

Using the instructions on this post I sewed the top together and then flipped it over.

This was actually a lot easier and lot faster then I expected.

Once I got all the single petal's sewn together and ironed I sewed them all into pairs.  and sewed the pairs to other pairs.

It turns out that it takes 20 petal's to complete 1 flower.

I finished 2 full flowers and have enough petal's cut for about 4-5 more.  It seems that I need a circle for the center so will be going to the store today to buy a cutter for that and buy some material that I will use to put these on.  My plan is to make a baby blanket so with any luck I will have the top put together tonight and have something to show off in my next post.

To end off the post thank you goes out to the Comcast repair guy that climbed the pole and put my wire back on so that my Internet is back on and alive.  I host all my websites at my house so it was a sad night last night.  Almost 12 hours with no Internet.  Many unhappy visitors to my sites.  Oh well its back on and happy now.


Cherie said...

Wow looks like something really needs to be done about those trees!
What awesome dresdens! I too was amazed at how quickly they go together once all the petals are cut! =D

Teresa Quilts said...

Love the Dresden! I've never made one, but yours turned out awesome!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I'm on my phone so linking is a challenge, but I wanted to say, you don't need a special cutter to make the circle. Go to my blog and clck on my turorital page. I wrote a mini tutorial on making a Dresden plate and I show how I make my circles. Also, you can google and get other ideas. Dresdens are my favorite blocks to make. You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Yay, for internet! The guys in the Comcast trucks are always great. I just can't stand the people who work in the office! So I use AT&T, because I never have to talk to them. I don't have cable or satellite, either, so I never have to deal with Comcast. But the people who do the real work are always great!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, and I really like how flat your Dresden Plate turned out!

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