Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lizard Quilt Finish

Richard asked me, (Tanya) to write a post about his latest finish, the Lizard Baby Quilt.  Wow, posts by me two days in a row.
Yesterday on WIP Wednesday, we posted a sneak peak of the finished lizard quilt.  The backing for this quilt is a green dimpled minky fabric.  We bought too much when we bought it to finish Jared's Jean Quilt, yes I know it has not been finished yet.   So it was especially fitting to use the minky for the baby of my step-brother Jared.  Are you confused yet? I have to use mine and yours when mentioning the name to my step-mother.  Here is a picture of it in Julia's Crib.  Julia loves minky, hopefully his baby will too. 

Anyway this quilt was quilted using in the ditch method.  A bright multi-colored thread was used on front and a green thread on back.  We used a bright multi-colored fabric for the binding, we had thought of using the same black with colored polka dots, but couldn't remember where we had bought it.  We bought all this fabric for the quilt top while doing both Utah shop hops in June.  We didn't take real good notes on exactly what was bought at which location. Maybe it was because after that many stores, we couldn't see straight.  The pictures are not real great, working a night shift makes taking pictures outside a little more difficult.  OK a lot more difficult, there is no light outside at 2 am, so pictures are taken inside.

Our stash has been expanding and is quite large for having been quilting such a short time.  We are trying to use fabric out of stash as much as possible. Our biggest problem is we tend not to buy backing or batting at the same time as we buy fabric for quilt tops.  When do you buy backing for quilt, in planning stage or after top is already made. 

Sometime we will have to post a picture of our sewing room.  It is not as organized as many I have seen on other blogs.  At least it is now out of our front room. It would take over an hour to put some of the sewing stuff away, meaning the ability to find couch, before known visitors would show up.

Richard is a little side-tracked and is on another quilting tangent at moment.  He is starting 12 days mini quilts out of civil war era replica fabric.  They will be used as Christmas gifts. He plans on making at least 16, but had cut out enough of some blocks for 22.  ADHD and quilting, always another fun tangent.


beaquilter said...

quilt looks great, I'm GUESSING which book he's doing the civil war quilts from..... the book we got to make a mini quilt and then a block to send to the hostess a few months ago?

Cal said...

Love this quilt, and I bet the minky backing is super cosy!

Cindy said...

Love the minkee on the back of the quilt.

About buying backing....I usually don't buy backing for the quilt until after it's done or almost done. I wait because I don't want to pay premium prices for that amount of fabric and I don't think it's necessary to use the same line of fabric on the back. Once I have the top completed I go out and check the clearance racks of several quilt shops. Sometimes I'll bring the top along if I want it to match well.

Cindy said...

Forgot to add that often when I buy fabric I don't have a particular project in mind so I don't know how large a potential quilt will be. I don't want to be buying 4-5 yards of fabric for backing when I don't know how much I'll need.

Mike Pearson said...

I usually have fabric left over (and I try to get extra when I buy). I use the large left over pieces and sew them all together for the back. If that doesn't cover it, I check my stash for any stray yardage that would go with it. If that still doesn't work, I will head to the shop and look for some fun prints while keeping in mind who it is for (even if it's me). My daughter (while 24 years old) likes shoes and monkeys... made it easy to do the back and shop for fun prints :) Love the lizards btw!

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