Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Big Scrappy Star!!

My star quilt is getting bigger, but it is not yet done.  The quilt top now measures 80 inches by 80 inches.  This is to be my masterpiece of scrappy star's  If this is not looking familiar, this is my "Richard's Star" block I created the block in EQ7 more then a year ago and have been working on different quilts using the star block.  You can find the pattern for the original star on Craftsy as a free giveaway (link above on menu to my pattern store). I have made single small blocks, one giant block quilt (as a joke for Tanya, you can see the block on the blog post that link leads too.)  I even made a quilt that I entered into a show using this pattern and called it Odd man out!  The best of all of these quilts is that I am making one for my bed.

The picture above is misleading as the angle the kids are holding it is not the way it will go on our bed.  As you can see below the points of the star will go up and down and right to left.  So I am not done making this quilt.  I still have quite a few more blocks to make too get it done.  I need to negotiate with Tanya on exactly how big she wants it.  She keeps telling me its just a little small and we can add borders.  Well,  I don't want borders I want more checker boxes.  That means I need to sew a lot more blocks together.  I think I have about 5 blocks between the turquoise and brown still to sew onto the quilt, but I had to see how it lays to get an idea of what I want and what I still need to sew up.


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