Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Left over Charm Square Table Runner & Hot Pads

Today we have some quilted items to show that are left overs from prior projects.  Both of these sat around in a pile of quilted items with out binding until a few weeks ago when Tanya got sick of them sitting there and made me finish the binding.  I sadly hate the color of the table runner but love the color of the hot pads.

Now I so pose if I don't mind clashing I can use the table runner to put a casserole on and use the hot pads to pack said casserole.  Now who wants to cook me my casserole .  Me I know how to quilt but I dont think I am much for cooking.


Holly U said...

Have you considered appliquéing something on the table runner in an accent color from your fabrics? Looks like red in the photo...maybe a couple if leaves?

Anonymous said...

I recognize those hot pad fabrics - I haven't used mine yet, and I love them. Good that I can always get more! I probably have all the ones in the table runner, too. LOL It's my favorite style of fabric.

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