Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

This quilt turned out cute.  I wasn't so sure when I was making it.  Both, Richard and I like brighter colors.  This is for a gift for a new baby at church.  She told me she likes more pastel colors.  I had 5 fabrics, but couldn't find anything I really liked for a binding at the one store I had chose other fabrics at.  I was looking at another store and found the perfect binding to tie it all together. and decided to add some of it to the front as well. The back was a super soft chevron minky in off-white.  Richard claimed it was a real pain to quilt, oops, but it looks and  feels great.  It involved a lot of time with a seam ripper, it stretched way too much.

All in all a pretty quilt to add to our complete list.

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