Friday, April 10, 2015

Link A Finish Friday # 163

Thank you for visiting Richard and Tanya Quilts for Link A Finish Friday.  Here are some of the examples of the great link up's from last week.

Boston Common - The Academic Quilter

Coffey Table Matt - Katy Quilts

Fal #3 - Life In The Dog House


Podunk Pretties said...

Your link up is showing last weeks linkers and says the link up is closed.

LA Paylor said...

hi there, I usually link up and the Friday link is closed by 9 am
Leeanna at not afraid of color

sophie said...

Oopsy. It looks like maybe you cloned last week's list and chose the wrong one to generate the HTML? I came wanting to link my latest finish and noticed I had seen some of the quilts already on the list before.

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