Thursday, May 14, 2015


Life has been crazy at our household lately. We have been busy trying to get some yard work done. We started 3 raised garden beds, and tilled the rest of our garden spot for a traditional garden.

 The only quilting we have done lately is rag quilts, there are a lot to take pictures of, when we find time.

Rebecca turned 17 and has changed schools recently.  

Jared earned his Arrow of Light in  Cub Scouts.  

Most of this post was written by Tanya but I Richard went though and found some pictures for it.  I want to point out that not only did Jared earn his arrow of light but Tanya being the great webelos leader that she is has 5 boys this month earning their arrow of light she deserves a pat on the back.

Any way Jared Mom and I are proud of you.

There is slightly less than a month until I will be home full time.  I am looking forward to not working crazy night schedules and being able to do stuff with the family. It is really hard to try to cram everything with the family into the weekend, because I hardly see the older kids more than a hour or so on weekdays.  There are tons of home improvement projects and deep cleaning, and hopefully a little time to actually sew. I think I have used my new sewing machine on one quilt. Richard has used it tons, and really likes how fast it is.


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