Friday, June 5, 2015

Link A Finish Friday #171

Well to start off today I have to apologize for the late Link A Finish Friday.  Yesterday afternoon a car hit a power pole near out house knocking out the power.  This was 1 pm I was happy at work and thought nothing of it (after my wife called and told me).  At 6 pm when I got home the power was still off and the kids by this time were not so happy on the new lights out adventure.  Any way I am at work and just got reminded that  LAFF did not get set up.  The power by way did turn on at 10:10 pm and by that time the kids were going crazy and I was tired and forgot, any way here is a quick  link up the picture below is a quilt that I made a couple years back.


Quilting Stories said...

Your quilt looks wonderful on the bed! Thanks for the party, I wish you a nice week-end!

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