Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pioneer Quilting and our Trek

To start off, I want to say that yes I have again vanished for over a month.  There is a good reason and my life should get a little simpler in a couple weeks.  Our church from time to time sends our youth on Pioneer Treks.  This is to re-enact the hand cart journey to the Salt Lake Valley where we reside.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My post will not be about the church. It it is relevant to what I have been preparing to do and what we just got back from.

For our trek, we went to Rocky Ridge which is at the sixth crossing of the Sweetwater and also to Martins Cove.  Both are in Wyoming, a 5+ hour drive from where we live in the Salt Lake Valley. There were around 200 youth and leaders. Tanya and I were one of the leaders helping on this Trek.  I will first talk about my quilting involved and then maybe a little about the Trek.  As this is a quilting blog that is mostly what I will talk about.

Above are three quilted seat covers that I made for us.  Tanya, Jared, our son, and I went.  When the Pioneer's came West they were only allowed 17 pounds of  personal gear (on the handcart groups) and for our re-enactment we had 5 gallon buckets to store our stuff in and they also doubled as our chairs and so these were to pad our bucket while we sat on them.

The second thing I made was cooling neck bands, these above are the 20 that I made.  They were for the youth and leaders that went from our ward.

Any way one of the hand carts 

Our son Jared with his family on trek, he is the one standing on top the hand cart (top of picture)

Last a picture of Tanya and I and below just one random handcart picture from our group


Anonymous said...

How cool! You can always talk about the church, from my point of view. LOL Love the pictures. I don't think our youth have to travel so far to their site, and I don't think they have to go through water, but there is a terrible uphill part, and it's toward the end when everyone is tired. If they decide to help each other, it isn't too bad, but there are always those who think they can make it without extra help. =) They are the ones in church on Sunday with blisters. LOL Your bucket covers and cooling bands were a great idea! I'll bet they saved you a lot of discomfort.

dq said...

How wonderful! Your photos brought back many memories of my two "trek" experiences both at Martin's Cove. Being a "ma" and "pa" are so great! You bond with those kids, and that bond holds for years.

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!

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