Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quilts, Young Women, Quilting, Pinata, Skunks and more

What a crazy last few months I have had.  To stat with I will share the above quilt it was hanging on the wall a chapel in Tropic Utah.  Whenever I travel, when I see a quilt I always have to take a picture of it.  This quilt is just amazing its a little mini quilt with 6 blocks one from each ward in their stake.  We were visiting the small town of Tropic, while going to my wife's grandmothers funeral.  I think a sign that I am getting old is that I am running out of relatives.  Tanya and I no longer have living grandparents and with both our fathers gone we only have our mothers and siblings left in the family.

Today is just a catch all day for all the pictures that has been hanging out looking for a home.  Last month I got to go to Girls Camp as part of the bishopric and the girls had to pose for a picture.  They are kinda shy so it took 2 tries to see their faces.  Well maybe they were just trying to show off their jackets the topic this year was fairy tales and the one they chose was little red riding hood.

I did manage to get a quilt quilted this last month, but did not yet get it bound.  It is a helix quilt out of reunion fabric (one of my favorite lines) and I am sadly running out of it.  I hope to get it bound this weekend, if I can get around too it.

Tanya and I want to get back into the swing of things, sooner rather then later as we have some gift ideas for Christmas and we must get going on quilting if we are to get them done.  This next picture Julia made me add when I was going though my phone to find some pictures to post, I found one of her and she said I must add it so here it is.

Once we get on a Julia kick, we just can't stop there.  We had a ward party recently and they had a pinata and I had to snap a picture of her trying to crush it .  I just happened to get Jared in the shot too, so he gets some time on the blog too.

A couple days ago while walking in the morning, I came across a skunk. That made me slow my walk down while he slowly waddled down the path, needles to say I kept my distance from him.

My wife, a few weeks ago basted 6 quilts.  Just to make sure I realized I am getting behind on quilting she left me the pile of their bindings.  I guess I really need to get moving.

Can a random blog post be complete with out getting a little side tracked with Squirrel?  This little guy was running down a power line near the Jordan river where I walk.


Anonymous said...

I love random posts, and that yours ends with a squirrel is SO appropriate. LOL I LOVE the theme and the hoodies the girls had. Girls' Camp is so awesome. I wish I had energy to go every year, but going one year was so much fun! I also enjoyed seeing the quilt at the Tropic Ward. That is unusual in an LDS church - at least, in 50 years I've not seen a quilt hanging on a wall in a ward building before. =) Julia was absolutely right, her picture is just what the blog needed, and getting one on with Jared, too, is even better! That Tanya - such a slave driver. LOL You should listen to her. So who's vying for more coverage, the skunk or the squirrel? LOL

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