Sunday, June 2, 2013

Purple and White Heart and Elephant Baby Girl Rag Quilt

A couple weeks ago Tanya sewed the blocks of this quilt and then asked me to sew the rows.  It had been so long since I made a rag quilt and I blundered.  You can see above the top of the quilt was meant to be the bottom.

The bottom here was meant to be the top.  Tanya put some hearts on the back(front) to make it look more like it was done on purpose, but well it wasn't, it was my blunder.

It is a good thing that quilts can be used and loved from both sides.  This quilt is amazing and a very appealing quilt.  This quilt is listed for sell on our Etsy store.

I think out of all the pictures, this bottom one or the one above this text are my favorite.  I have rarely done a quilt where the front is so simple, but in its simpleness is elegance.

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