Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Cat and a Creeper

In our home I can not tell if it is the toys (creepers in this case) or the Cat's keep the attention of the kids more then the other.  Jared who received this pillow for Christmas is a fan of Creeper's for those that dont know what a Creeper is it is a monster from a game called Mine Craft it is one my son likes a lot.  He even Dressed up as one for Halloween and mom made him a costume of it.

Here he is just after he opened his present Christmas Morning.  

Here is a closeup of it on the couch.  This pillow was not washed yet (mom was afraid he would see it before Christmas) it will get a washing soon enough as Jared seems to get things dirty fast like most boys do.

Tanya for Christmas made many of the neices and nephews pillows for Christmas as the weeks go on I will try to make sure each of them get a posting.


Anonymous said...

Any boy would love that pillow. Lots of girls, too.

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