Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rag Quilt Time Again

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend Richard made a comment that I hadn't made a rag quilt for quite some time, so I made three.  The first had two fabrics, but seemed somewhat boring, so I had to add something to it.  I hit a Black Friday sale for a few pieces of flannel to complete some rag quilts.  I was very reserved and only came out with 2 yards of a few prints and 6-8 yards of a couple of solids.  Much better than my 12+ bolts last year.  Here is the first. I had the  dots and pink already but not quite enough to make a quilt.

I added the butterfly print to the mix.

The quilt has been added to Etsy store.  Richard is busy working on a quilt for our oldest James.  It is a twin size, hopefully it will be done for Christmas.


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