Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Green for Jared

Tonight I pulled out of the box Jared's Helix quilt pieces.  This quilt was started so long ago that it took me effort to find when I started it.  For the love of GREEN! posted March 17, 2013 I talked about Jared and his love of green.  He wanted a Helix like my Pillar of Fire Quilt, but instead of orange he wanted green.  Two and a half months later on his B-day I had only got the top 6 rows sewn across (but not together like the 4 rows on the bottom sewn left to right but not top to bottom).

Well I finally dragged it out and put a few more rows on.  Then I looked at it and decided that I had not made a big enough dent in the pile.  I  then sewed my 2 big chunks together and moved them up the couch and started laying out the next few rows.  To my surprise my camera clicked and my son Jared was taking pictures of his quilt in progress.

Its weird, this is my blog but I almost never have pictures of me (Camera shy) or rather as I claim the only one willing to take the pictures but tonight Jared our 9 year old snapped 2 pictures of me.

About 2 months ago I hurt my knee.  You know those silly kids gates you put up to keep the kids out of the room, Well I caught my toe trying to climb over the gate and landed on my knee, Yesterday after a MRI, it turns out I tore up and ripped a few things that were not meant to be ripped.  Why you say do I tell you this?  For long time readers you might notice I am not sewing in the "Sewing Room" Well I no longer have the sewing room (it was down stairs) and by the time I wobbled down the stairs and across the basement with my sore knee I did not want to quilt and have slacked off in last few months.  Just before Christmas we moved the sewing back to the front room (where it started 2 years ago and 3 rooms later).  Any way I am again in the mood to quilt and pulling out the old projects and dusting them off.  With no stairs to climb I have no excuse.

As I go to sleep tonight I am planing on what to finish next.  This quilt has 2 rows left after those shown in this last picture and if my count is right I am like 10 gray squares short.  So this quilt will most likely get a improvisation to it with a extra + tossed in some where oh well. Back in the box it goes.  Maybe it won't stay in it too long this time.


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