Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skulls and Hearts

This is the last of the 7 pillows that Tanya made the kids (Our kids, nieces, nephews) for Christmas Last year.  Each and every pillow turned out so amazing.  Tanya a year ago got a embroidery machine and we have done one or 2 little projects.  Well she got this idea for rag quilt pillows and wanted to spruce them up some and so she went hunting for embroidery designs that the kids might love.

This pillow I think was one of the more fantastic ones, as it is so not Tanya.  She is not into skeletons at all but the niece that this went too so is into it.

I had forgot to get a full picture of all 7 together before we gave them away so above is 6 of them and below the 7th.  My favorite one of them all is the yellow and blue minion on on bottom left above.  I think Tanya should make many more.  My second  favorite I still get to enjoy its the owl that went to our little Julia.


Unknown said...

The Creeper is the best! :)

Lindsey said...

Your pillows are fantastic! Love the skull and heart one! So cute! :) Thanks for sharing at Fabric Frenzy Friday!


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