Sunday, April 6, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along, Sew the rows together!

I am not sure why I have always been scared of sewing together triangles.  Once I got it out of my mind that I was doing any thing other then sewing straight lines, things got started pretty fast.

Sewing these triangles were simple.  Grab 2 put the together and then sew.  I realized after I started that my sloppy cutting was going to hurt me.  Good thing for me every thing is on a bias and its willing to stretch to fix my issues.  

Some are scared of sewing bias.  I have long got over that fear.  Some say that you must starch the crap out of these triangles to sew them, I did not.  I simply make sure every thing is ironed well and sew them while holding them in place as I sew.

Once I got my 2 sewn together I then sewed the 2's into 4's and then sewed 1 4, 1 2, and 1 pair together (I wanted 7 triangles wide)  It all went really well I think, I have been inspired from this quilt.

Any way it was fun to sew these triangles and I am going to sew many more in the future.

I have had so much fun making these triangles that I sat down with EQ7 and designed out a couple of patterns to make using triangles forming hexies with them.  Can't wait to share them with you one day.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

They really are not that hard to sew. I did starch my fabrics as I found a few of my FQs had too much give to them and knew it would make for problems.

carla said...

Hi!!!! It is very pretty!!!! I might like this kind of hexie!!!! The others well maybe someday!!!! Oh I do like hexies but putting them together seems scary!!!!

Paula said...

Looking good Richard!! I've been very lucky so far (three rows) that most of my triangles have been cut pretty exact. I did have one or two that made me glad I had a little "bias give" to work with. I did starch and I'm glad I did but I don't think it would've been disastrous if I hadnt'. Looking very forward to everyone's reveal. Amazing that with as many entries as there are, every one is so different!!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I love Wishes and it's looking fantastic!

CeLynn said...

Love how your rows turned out,and yes sometimes bias stretch can be your friend!

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