Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Purple Circular Triangle Quilt Top

I had so much fun last few weeks doing the Triangle quilt along that I had to make another one.  I designed this quilt top on EQ7 and I think it turned out pretty good.  I enjoyed the Minky on the last triangle quilt that I think I am going to have Tanya find me another one for the back of this one too.  My Daughter Rebecca was looking at it and asking if it was for her.  LOL nope it was just made because I wanted too.

I have talked in the past about my patterns on Etsy.  I have never quite figured out what makes the top quilts on the top but from time to time mine pop up.  2-3 weeks ago I found this one where 4-6 on the top 20 were mine.  Tonight I posted a new pattern for my 25 square quilts (I am making a purple one you can see the top on Instagram).  As normal for any of my blog followers if you visit the pattern on Craftsy and comment on it and then come back here and leave a comment you can have a free copy of the pattern.

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