Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life and some Bento Box Blocks

Richard has been attending a new guild called My Sister's 'N Stitches Quilt Guild. They do a block swap every other month.  For this month they are trading Red, White, and Blue Bento Box Blocks.   Here are some of the blocks he did.  The finished blocks will be cut in quarters and 2 of the solid white sold blocks will be swamped with the white solid white blocks.

 They didn't want them cut, so here they are pre-cut. He did 16 blocks for the swap with 8 extras for home.  This should make a fun patriotic quilt and maybe a table runner or two.  The mix at this guild is pretty good, some old, some young, mostly traditional with some modern.  So far he is really liking it. It is held at a quilt shop a few miles from his work.

The past two weekends have been spent in Cedar City, Utah.  We spend Father's Day with my (Tanya's) family.  The following Sunday we went down, because my Dad had surgery and wasn't doing well.  We were afraid we were going to be planning a funeral for this weekend, but he is slowly starting to make a little progress.  He is starting to move his arms and legs and at least open his eyes.  He still isn't doing great, but seems to making a little progress each day.  At this point we are thinking he will at least make it. The trick is to get him better and then to start the fun of chemotherapy.

A while back we won some fabric in a giveaway from Simple Sew

It has been sitting on a desk to take picture of, but life has kind of got in the way. Richard's machine has been working great after it's trip to the Dr., just been too busy to sew much.  With any luck, Saturday we will get a little sewing done and some pictures taken to put some of our newer quilts on Etsy.

This little one keeps us going when the world looks bleak.  


Carla said...

Hi Tanya. I feel for you. My mom in law is battling cancer right now too. Kids have a way of cheering us up : )

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope your father heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

I hope the world isn't look bleak too often. Also praying for your father to improve enough to start that chemo. Such a difficult thing all the way around. I love Bento Box quilts, but I've never made them using that method. Cute fabric you won! Can't believe Julia is getting so big.

Lisa said...

Beautiful children they just steal all our time! Worth every bit!

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