Thursday, July 10, 2014

The crazy last week is over

Two weeks ago before my father in law passed away Tanya and I went shopping and I found some more lizards.  My wife gets kind of tired of my impulses but she let this one go.  These are some flannel ones we found and I think they are cute.  We will make a couple baby rag quilts out of it.  Sadly cutting it up was the last sewing and cutting work I had a chance to do.

My father in law's funeral was great.  Tanya shared some great stories of her dad as well as her sister and a couple friends of her dads.  My father in law had a fantastic casket that was hand made with neat designs burned into the knotty pine. The below plaque is a example of the neat work.

My father in law was a man of the earth and even his casket spay included dead sage brush, pine boughs and just a few flowers, very fitting for him.   His last ride the the cemetery was behind his Jeep, rather then in the hearse that drove in front of it.

After the funeral on the 3rd, the kids needed a release and they got to celebrate the 4th with almost every cousin in the family on hand.

My son Jared got the ultimate bribe this last week to be good at both the funeral and on the ride up and back home.  He earned Benny's Space other wise known as "spaceship, spaceship, SPACESHIP!!" for all of those lost on this, its from the Lego's Movie.  I underestimated its cost when I offered it too him as a bribe when I got back it turns out its a $100 Lego set.  Good thing he was a great kid this weekend.  It even took him 2 full days to assemble it which gave me some more time to rest.

All and all live is slowly getting back to normal.  Now to go sit down and make a quilt and let the tension out  after our stressful week


Lisa said...

It soulds like a beautiful ceremony! Glad your back! It will take time to heal but routine is helpful!

Gene Black said...

Rest, recuperate and find peace. I am glad that stressful week is over.
How good do I have to be to get one of those spaceships???

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