Monday, July 14, 2014

Working on Rag Quilts and other projects!

Trying to get back into things after the busy last 3 weeks, Tanya and I decided to do some of the many rag quilts we have been putting off.  For my part, I chopped up all of the fabrics and stacked them in piles and spare boxes we had in the front room.

Tanya picked fronts and backs and started to sew X's on them

As you can see from the various pictures we have stuff for at least 6-8 rag quilts.

The 2 below boxes were given to me from Tanya to sew into quilts.  I cut the fabric, she sewed the X's, I sewed the quilts together and she will cut them.  Each of us doing the parts that we were fast at.

Below is one of the 4 quilts that I finished sewing the 2 above and the green turtles too. 

All in all its a wide variety of materials and colors.  Tanya does a great job picking colors and putting them together.

Lastly tonight I started quilting my orange diagonal quilt.  When I sat down to make this post, I found this picture in my email. This was created by one of my blog followers that got a free diagonal quilt pattern from me.  I love how this quilt turned out and am a fan of the red/black/grays together.


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