Sunday, June 12, 2016

A visit to Historic Cove Fort and some Antique Quilts.

My family was able to stop and spend some time at Historic Cove Fort,  on the way back from vacation last week   This was a Pioneer way station and Stage Lay over as well as Telegraph relay station back when the first settlers were living in UTAH ,which is my home state.

They have an old wagon that the kids can get on and have pictures taken.  When I visit places like this, I look around for things to inspire my future quilting projects.

I am sure my wife laughs from time to time as she looks though my pictures, but this wooden floor just reminded me of a simple straight line quilting and how you can find beauty in simple things.

Cove Fork was originally a Church Mission Call for the family that supported it. Today it is ran by Senior Missionary Couples, so it seemed fitting that we  find the Scare Crows in traditional Missionary garb.  My son who recently turned 12, wanted to get his picture taken with Elder Crow.

They were kind enough to take our picture standing on top of the fort walls.  The fort doors were big enough to allow the stage to come in if needed into the center of this small fort.

One of my biggest delights in the tour is seeing the quilts.  Although not original to the fort,  they were made in the 1800's when the fort was occupied.  This simple Flying Geese quilt was one of the first I saw. The blue blocks are hard to tell what they are, but they are just half square triangles.

This second quilt was just a simple quilt made out of squares similar to my simple squares pattern.

This quilt here was one of the first that I saw that I really want to make.  It is a neat Half Square triangle blocks with larger in smaller blocks.  I will some time later make a pattern for this one.

This quilt above was the favorite of the missionary that gave us the tour.  She thought it was neat how even though the quilt started in red (chevron quilt), that after a few rows on the end ended up with a white on off white.

The above quilt is another I really liked.  I think it will be another that I try to make some day as it looks fun.

This last quilt with the sewing machine looking  and is my favorite it is a really neat block.  And I have already sketched it out in EQ7 below is what a quilt might look like with this block.


Anonymous said...

That's a place Paul and I never visited, so thanks for taking us along on the tour. The fort looks fascinating, and I definitely love the quilts. I'll be watching as the months go by to see how this inspires you. =)

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