Friday, June 10, 2016

On Vacation and some Animal shots

Last weekend my Family took 2 short vacations.  The first was to Snowbird Ski Resort locally here in Salt Lake City.  A friend had a Condo for a week there and could not stay the whole week so my Rebecca, Julia, Jared, and myself (Richard) stayed up Thursday night. Then Minus Rebecca the secound night but Added Tanya.  The 2 of them had other commitments and had to miss out on some of the vacation.

Then Saturday and Sunday staying in Cedar City for a baby blessing and then Monday we spent a few hours in Zions National Park (literally only a few hours Tanya got sick so we left it was over 100 and it was not treating her well) 

While in the various locations I was able to take a few pictures using my cell phone and wanted to share them with you.  Today's post is only Animal Shots.  I started with a ground squirrel.  Then second shot is a Lizard my favorite animal but a terrible picture. 

Back to more squirrel's.  As you can see some of them like 2 pictures up were running right up too our toes.  It was funny I had Julia stand still so a squirrel that was running along a rock shelf next to a hiking trail we were on would not run off for a picture with the 2 of them together.  So right after I take the picture she leans over and pets it.  LOL bad parenting.  Good thing it did not try her out as a snack.

We also saw many birds only this one would stand still long enough for a picture.

I saw this raccoon while up at snowbird and the below wild turkey in Kolob Canyons which is a less visited part of Zions that you get too going north from the main entry of Zions on I-15 half way to Cedar City.  All in all a nice get away.  Best of all nature has given me a few ideas that may show up in a future quilt.


Anonymous said...

So where's the picture of Julia and her squirrel? That was such a funny story! Glad you got some fun away.

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