Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Time Sewing

We decided to make some Christmas Stockings.  Here are some of the fronts.  Some will be for family and some will be added to our etsy store.

Here are two table runners that we have finished and added to our store or if they don't sell this year, will be stockpiled for a show for next year.  If you would like to buy or like one of these table runners please vist our etsy store.  Here is a link to the 2nd one.

I have been selling patterns on Craftsy for a couple years now and recently Craftsy has changed and I am not sure if its for the better.  One big change that I think is for the better is that you can now rate craftsy patterns easier.  These two table runners are created using a pattern that I sell on Craftsy.  I use to be able to add projects and link them to this pattern, but because of the changes I no longer can link new projects up.  Sadly that means I can not link up these two finishes.   I would like to try and get better ratings on Craftsy and as such I am looking for people that can add a review to my Diagonal Table Runner.  I will give anyone a copy of my pattern just for commenting here on this post or on my facebook page (make sure I have a email to send the digital pattern too).  If you like it please give a me a good review on Craftsy.


Anonymous said...

I do like that pattern. I have ever since the blue/green version came out. It's very versatile. I did review it on Craftsy, but it takes a while to process and moderate. Don't send me the pattern. I'll buy it after the 25th. =)

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