Monday, January 2, 2012

Blues and Browns

Quilt, pillow case, and 2 small pillows
Quilt and matching pillow Case
Today I finished my first full quilt. I have been trying to get my wife to make quilts for our family for a few years now and she keeps telling me that she does not sew.  While when thinking about what I wanted for Christmas this last year I decided what I really wanted was a quilt. So I have decided that I will just quilt my own. I have now started 5 different quilts. (funny thing is this was the 4th that I started first to finish) I have yet to find me some quilting frames and with out those I can not finish any of the first few that I started so this got to be the first one finished. My son picked out the colors for this quilt with the request of browns and blues. And my wife and I went fabric shopping with my wife making the final decision on the materials. I have learned al ot and made many mistakes. But this will always proudly be my first quilt. Any way the quilt needs a name and for lack of originality "Blues and Browns" will be its name until my kids or wife comes up with something better. for it.
I never posted this originally so here is a edit.  This quilt is for Richard "James" Healey my oldest son, he is 16 year old and in high school this year.  The pictures of the bedroom are his room and his bed.  Cant believe he cleaned the room for the picture.

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