Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tools of the trade

Being new to quilting I do not yet know what all tools of the trade best fit the job at hand.  So far I have bought a sewing machine I bought a Singer model 7258.  This is not a cheap low end, nor is it a expensive high end machine.  I am a computer programmer (that's my paid job any way) and I am high tech and when my wife bought my machine she new I would want bells and whistles and it had to be digital.  This machine is wonderful and I have nothing to complain about it.  Once I got my machine and some material it was quite obvious that they would not cut up just by me staring it down.  My wife had a small Olfa Rotary Cutter she had for craft projects, I started with this.  I bought a small Omnigrid Mat. I later realized was way too small, which got upgraded to a much larger Olfa Mat.  OK have material, a mat,  a knife.  Now I needed a plan.  Oh ya I don't know how to sew.  I bought a book The Magic of Quiltmaking.

From the first moment, I knew my little knife was too small, so I bought a Fiskars Rotary Blade (the one in the rotating ad.  Which I have to say I completely HATE!! Oh I  HATE it.  I can't say that enough.  Being a man, I get into my cutting and I put too much strength into it and it keeps popping closed.  So I bought a bigger Olfa Rotary cutter to replace my baby sized one.  Now your saying, why is there a Giant ad and a bunch of blabber about tools.  I am new and you all are more experienced then me.  What I would like is a linking party to any and all posts that you have about the tools you use.  The tools you Hate (I don't want to buy them, but need to be aware) and the ones you dream to buy.

All of the basic tools that I have is what is rotating in the add above.  The dream item I have is a embroidery machine (I like fancy junk, ya I know, I am a guy not supposed to like fancy crap), but I do.  Oh and one of those giant quilting machines.  Please leave a note or a link to a post that will help me figure out what tools I want to buy.  The sky is the limit!

Link back not required, but if you can thank you!


Longvacation said...

I've added 3 items to your link party that should be in your sewing arsenal.
And, if you've got the time, check out http://fairyfacedesigns.blogspot.com/2012/01/sew-get-started-sewing-basics-part-1.html She's doing a series on sewing basics, needs and other tips.
And if you haven't signed up for the Joann's mailing list, do so. They send coupons.

Susan said...

I definitely agree with an Ott Light, if you're doing any hand work. It really saves the vision. I have a floor lamp by the sofa. You need a good iron, though I've never cared for Rowenta. Get a heavy one! Don't be fooled into thinking the lighter the better - it isn't true. You want the iron to do the work, so get a heavy one. I'd just as soon skip the auto shut-off feature, too, because it always shuts off 2 minutes before I need it! I have no posts to link up, because I've only posted about my hand-stitching tools. I'd recommend a variety of rulers, and I particularly like the Quilt for a Cure ones because they alternate pink and green lines and my eyes don't get mixed up.

Happy Valley Primitives said...

Hi Richard! Thanks for following my blog and for your very kind comments on my tablet keeper yesterday. My advice to you would be to consider getting a sewing cabinet that allows your machine to sit level with the cabinet's top. This has proven to be a necessity for me when I make quilts so that it feeds more evenly and doesn't drag, which can cause your stitches to skip and/or be irregular. Thrift stores can be an amazing resource for these, but be sure to have your machine's measurements so that you're positive it will fit. I also suggest the great inspiration of those PBS sewing shows which will teach you tips and tricks to making your quilts turn out beautiful! Above all, have fun!

bunbear said...

okay, i am absolutely nuts over my martelli rotary cutter. it's ergonomically correct. i have the 45 and the 60 mm but pretty much just use the 45. the blades for the martelli 45 mm can be bought anywhere, as long as they don't have a notch in the center hole, but the 60 blades for the martelli have to be purchased directly from them. that's one of my must haves.

another must have is a clover seam ripper. this little gem is wonderful.

if you start machine quilting, get a pair of quilting gloves. the gripper dots on them really help when you are maneuvering the quilt around.

Jenny Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You asked if I chain stitch. I do. I have been taking a quilting class for a year now. As I am a self taught sewer as well. The teacher showed how to chain stitch then clip apart. It saves on the amount of thread you go through. I will try to post something about it this week for you to see from my quilt class. My current project that I had on my machine, where you commented. Is a border for a quilt. Those won't be clipped a part.


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