Sunday, January 15, 2012

The need for a stash!!

Saturday was a busy day.  I woke up made the kids clean the house as my wife is a Webelos Leader in cub scouts leader.  Our front room has turned into my sewing room.  We live in a small house so I don't have any other place that I can sew. We had to fold up, pick up, re-arrange, all of the sewing stuff to fit nicely in the corner (which for some reason it does not any more).  In the process of the cleaning I decided that I was going to once and for all finish the first quilt I started.  It has lovingly been named "Train Wrek".  You say love?  Any way it needs a back and binding (and the last row sewn on got mad at a blunder and just tossed it into a box the week of Christmas).  So I started a list of what I needed to buy at the store.  By the time cleanup was done I had 3 backs I needed to buy for 2 of my quilts and a quilt my daughter Rebecca wants to make.  After cleanup and the scout meeting my friend Doug came over and I showed him the materials that I was going to make some Rag Lap blankets out of for me and 3-4 extra to give away.  (one for him) any way in sitting and talking he let it out that he hated 3 of the 5 materials that I had for it (though he still thinks I am nuts to be quilting, not enough manly killing involved (video games).  So I asked him what did he like.  Paisley is what I found out he likes so now I had to add that too the shopping list.

We went to Joann's shopping arriving their shortly after lunch time (ate out at sizzler with the wife).  We ended up with 1 flanel for my girl needed 3 yards, needed a few backs for baby blankets wanted 2 yards each on 2 materials, and ended up with 1 yard each of 4 paisley-ish materials in black and grays (one with red that should spice the quilt up).  So with a huge pile of bolts I wander over to the cutting table.  Wow did not realize so many people could stand in one place.  I grabbed my number ticket it was number 82 I think and looked up at the sign just as they called number 58 or something.  Standing behind the counter was a single person cutting. UGH this is going to be a long long day.

By the time I got home and got the kids under control dinner time was approaching and my goal of getting 2 projects finished today went right out the window.  Any way ordered a pizza and quilted the night away while watching 3-4 different shows.

Oh yeah the reason I named the post.  Published it and then realized my name did not match content.  I need a stash so that days like this can be all quilting and no long lines buying material.  And a note to the unwise like me, shopping for material Saturday afternoon is not a smart idea.


KaHolly said...

Considering how big JoAnn's has grown over the years (I used to work with the when they were nice little neighborhood stores), you'd think they'd schedule enough help for the weekends. Can't wait to see your finished quilts. Esp. that paisley one!

bunbear said...

stash is good.... (said while wiping drool off the keyboard) sometimes i will try and cut all my pieces during the week after work so i can just sit down and have a marathon quilting session. but it doesn't always work the way i plan it out.

Shay said...

Im one of the a "stash is essential " type people. I have a wall full of fabric so I can make what I want when the mood strikes . I didnt have much idea how much I had until about a month ago. Now I know-Im kind of horrified.

Yep - we have the same problem here at Spotlight on Sunday afternoons. I just wont go at that time anymore !

Susan said...

I know the 14th was a big sale day, too, at Joann's, so avoid those unless you have more time than money! A stash is definitely essential. You might plan now for the added room on your house. LOL Your friend can "kill" stuff all he wants and at the end of the day he has nothing. At the end of the day of quilting, you have something touchable!

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