Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rag Quilt not From Stash

Since we were trying to use up some our stash and get more rag quilts done, we have added a bunch to Etsy and have had two custom quilt requests.  Here are pictures of the second one.

This one is made of Glimma and Kona gray.  

The back is a gray minky.  This was about 43 inches by 52 inches. It was shipped to customer the end of July.

There is one more custom rag quilt in the works for Tanya's brother.  It is being made out of John Deere Camouflage print. The one we made him for Christmas last year was swiped by one of his sons, they refuse to give it back.  He wants one that is a twin size for a lap quilt, he is 6 ft 6 so pretty tall.  


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the customer loves it, too!

VickiT said...

Love this one. The minky looks so shiny in the picture. I bet it's really a comfy one.

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