Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Orange Diagonal Quilt 2

This is the second orange diagonal quilt.  It has been in the stack for a while, waiting to be squared and bound.  This one just has a plain back, unlike the first we did.

You can find our Diagonal Quilt Pattern on Craftsy.  It has been a popular pattern.  It is one of the ones I enjoy making but have to be in the mood to make as it takes more thought then some of the quilts I make.

My biggest problem with this quilt is if you do it wrong the quilt gets out of whack and can be hard to square.  This copy of the quilt I really messed up and had to do some serious squaring on it which meant that I had a lot in the trash when done.

All in all I am happy with this finish and it will go on etsy for sell.


Sandi said...

I love that orange.

Gene Black said...

I love the variety of orange fabrics in this quilt. I can imagine the difficulties with the bias edges on this one.

Anonymous said...

I like the diagonal better than the straight across. Great variety in this one!

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