Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's on the Quilting Table #17

Today is a quilting day.  I start above quilting one of our very simple square quilts.  Tanya had me make these simple quilts to see how they sell compared to some of the more complex quilts on Etsy.  As they are simple to make they will be priced a little cheaper.

I got to quilt and bind my peach quilt for our new Diamonds pattern.  Hum I guess I can't call it a pattern yet as I have not wrote it.  I should really do that soon.

I also quilted and then bound the yellow and brown version of the same quilt.  The first one I quilted more simply then the 2nd.  I am curious which people will like better.

Tanya and I went though our quilt stash and realized we have almost completely sold out of our rag quilts.  So we have set to cutting up the bolts (yes bolts like 5 of them) and many other smaller cuts of flannel that we have.  We are making kits for me and the kids to sew X though.  We realized before we got far into cutting that we have materials for like 20-30 quilts.


Anonymous said...

If they are selling that well, I'm sure you'll have buyers for all those quilts! I love that this is a family project. =)

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