Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Well it is valentines day today so I suppose I must start with some hearts.  These are not original they were mock ups I made back in 2013 for a quilt I made for my wife. That post can be found here.

Even earlier then that back in 2013, we decided we were going to make some quilts with hearts in them and well it of course cased me to make a funny post about it called Tugging on my Heart Strings you can read it for more info.

Those hearts eventually made it into a quilt and well I guess I should show it off as well it has more hearts.  You can read more on that here.

Hearts are great and as such we have even applique a few in the past into a rag quilt.  More on that quilt here.

Of course some times you just need hearts in the material print.  You can read more about That quilt here.

Well Sadly I have nothing new this year for Valentines Day.  I do love my wife and would like to wish her a Happy Valentines even if she gets nothing from me (I am not a big present buyer) I love her all the same.


Anonymous said...

Not even a rose from the grocery store? Hopefully, Tanya still loves you!

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