Saturday, May 14, 2016

Help, I Need Some Answers to Questions

I am taking a business class through my church. I need help asking about customers needs and why people buy certain products. It is difficult to do since the majority of our business is online with an occasional craft fair setting. I also have a set of questions for other small business owners.  I could really use some help answering questions if you have time. Feel free to email me at thealey101 to answer questions, if you don't want to comment on blog.  Either would be really appreciated.  

Customer buying needs:
Why do you buy patterns or quilts from a certain business?
What would change about a product?
What would make you want to buy more?
Is a price right?  Would you buy more at a lower price?
Would you still buy more if they raised the price?

Business owner
What do your customers buy most?
Why do you think people buy what you sell?
Who are your competitors? What is unique about your business?
Where do you get your product?  Are there other suppliers?
Do you think you could get a lower cost if you buy more at a time?
How did you decide on a price?  Are you profitable?
How do you find new customers?
What have been some of your keys to success? Biggest headache?


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I sent an e-mail to you.

Emily C said...

I buy from a business if they are reputable and if i like their product. Same goes for patterns, except that I can rarely find a pattern that is exactly what I want. And only if they have good instructions. If they leave out half of what I need to know because 'everybody knows that!', then they lose a buyer. Never assume. It increases the difficultly level, the frustration level (now i have to do a bunch of research) and makes the customer feel like a moron.
I buy if I am starting a new project or if a fabric store has a really good sale. For quilts, I prefer to make them myself.
I have a budget for hobbies. I don't buy unless I need it for a new project, so price is an oddity. Depends on if i can get it elsewhere cheaper, without losing quality. If i can, then I will; if i can't, i go with the places I trust. I dislike giving tons of companies my credit card #.

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