Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Custom Quilt From Vintage Fabric Complete

We seem to be on a trend of doing stuff with vintage fabric.  About a month ago, a customer contacted us with a request for a quilt with their fabric. Some of the fabric is really thin.  With so few fabrics to chose from,we ended up with several repeat placements in the the random order.

 This quilt was finished a few days ago, but our dryer struck again and we ended up with a couple of black marks.

After the dryer melted several of Jared's socks we decided it was time to replace it.We bought a new dryer on Saturday and brought it home and rewashed the quilt with great success. We also ran washer cleaner through the washing machine.

The back of the quilt and some of the triangles in the front have part of a tea towel in it.  It turned out really cute, I wasn't so sure when we agreed to make it.  


Anonymous said...

I love the backing! And the fronting, too. =) This is a perennial favorite design. One can't go wrong with it. I'm so glad you got a new dryer. That can be such a pain - and they are cheaper than washers, that's for sure. Here, anyway.

evaj said...

The backning in Sweden called Smålands sida !! Nice and clean Quilt !hug Bambi

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