Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is my long weekend really over?

Wow I lived though another holiday weekend.  I love these and hate these all at the same time.  Mostly because you try to do too much and never finish what you wanted.  Any way for a May for Me month I did what I liked best this weekend. My wife did also.  Sadly what she likes most is tearing my old house apart and then putting it back together.  Her present to her self (for her b-day) was that she was going to re-model the bathroom.  Now to be honest I never approved or even agreed to this mostly because of the hassles that it causes.  Tanya promised me this would be easy.  Quick and simple.  She is going to rip out the sink and vanity, remove the toilet.  Pull up the sub flooring and tile and paint.  No big one I would hardly notice and I would not have to help (other then haul every thing from point A to point B) which I am surprised to say has gone all according to plan except.

Tonight when I really had to go to the bathroom this is what it looks like.  The hole on the right is while what I needed and the one on the left is to wash the hands after.  But hey I will have to take the long walk down stairs to use the little boys room.  Oh and to add insult to it all about 10 minutes after I picked the toilet up and put it into the tub last Friday night my son Jared informed us the only other toilet in the house is over flowing all over the basement floor.  Any way we are having fun at our house, can't wait for work in the morning at least we have facility's available there.

Any way now that that is out of the way, what did I do this weekend.  Oh yea I have already posted the 2 quilts that I finished.  But not to show off or any thing these 3 items are what I did in all the left over time between plunging the toilet down stairs which I have done 5 times (Yes I am counting) .Why is it when you remove one toilet the other has to stop working?

This first quilt top is the biggest pieced thing I have done yet.  If you look at the quilt above and the one below you might thing they are similar in size they are not the top one is huge.  The top measures 64 x 64 (I know some of you saying that's not so big) but for me comfort zone is about 42 by 50 or so smaller lap quilts.  This quilt is called Soldier's Star the pattern was created by Deonn Stott over at http://www.quiltscapesquilting.com. This pattern won 2nd place in the AccuQuilt 2011 barn quilt design contest.  Some may wonder how I managed to follow a pattern (for those that don't know me well I am not huge on patterns, though its growing on me). I took a class at HMQS quilt show from Deonn Stott using this pattern and got a copy of it in class.  Any way because of my out side the box, mentality I um failed to get even one square sewn together during class (I did get all the HST sewn and learned that I while ironed backwards and while now I don't).  Any way Deonn Stott is a follower and I want to tell her here thank you for the wonderful class and what she taught me.  For those interested she is teaching the same class at the Panguitch Quilt Walk June 7-9th 2012 in Panguitch, UT (now how many of you out their even know where that place is.  I do because its where I fill up for gas when heading south to visit the in-laws)

The second top completed this weekend is a tiny, tiny quilt that I am working on for my Civil War Quilt Along.  I will talk more about it later.  You will notice its already basted Tanya did that while she took a minute not finishing my bathroom this weekend.  (yes Tanya I love you but I told you so)

Lastly I finished (or I had though) this quilt.  It is a 25 block of 12 different colors.  My wife and I are (while starting) to go bold on our quilting and after the 2 wonderful borders on the other 2 quilts done this weekend we (meaning my wife) decided that we should add (meaning me) 2 more borders around this quilt.  So since I have not decided yet (meaning her) what exactly that is I won't at this time give those details.  But I will tell you it will be wonderful.  Any way this long weekend is finally over. In fact this day is over (I writing this post yesterday, but looking at my watch its now Tuesday and since their is a strict policy of not sleeping at your desk (yes its in the employee hand book). I must go to bed or risk having to find some one else desk to sleep at during work today, when I wake up from my not quite full night of sleep).


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Anonymous said...

That post was the best yet for humor. =) It has taken me forever to realize that when you say while, it's what I think of as well. =) Most of the time, anyway!

Love the star quilt pattern. That would make such a fast AmHero top and just the right size, too. Tell Tanya when she finishes, I have a couple of things I need done in my bathroom, too. =)

AND I know where Panguitch is! And I know about the Quilt Walk. And I know the history and the why! Ha, we were there doing a Canyonlands tour one summer and stayed south of Panguitch in Cannonville at the KOA. But I didn't get to go to the Quilt Walk festivities. They were the week after I had to go home.

Jill said...

Lovely quilts! Hope your toilets get fixed and finished soon!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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