Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tanya's Hearts

Any one that has followed my blog knows that my wife does not sew much.  So when I came home from work today to find a pile of hearts I was excited.  The other day I cut up 2 strips of 2 1/2 inch off all my batik FQ that I bought.  When I cut them up into blocks I ended up with a bunch of odd ends which I commented to my wife we could make a scrappy block or something out of.

My wife first apologized for using my scraps (which makes me laugh when she does as whats mine is her's) and then let me know that she is making a quilt with appliqued hearts on it and these are the first few, the bigger ones are 5 or so inches and the smallest ones are like 2 inches.  Any way I think she did a great job.   I am excited that she started a project all on her own.  And no she has not even sewn her finger yet like last time.

The template at the bottom and 2 others she bought at HMQS.  She loves applique and this gives her a easy way to trace out hearts (she also bought a star and I cant remember the other).

Me on the other hand, made some progress on my Civil War Quilt, but not yet ready to show that off yet.

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