Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Batik Quilt Progress And Planned Quilts

Tonight and last night I have been working on my batik quilt.  The above corner is one piece of the below pictured quilt.  As you can see I enjoy EQ7 it helps a lot to see what you are doing.  The below picture was made in about 15 minutes.  Sure helps you understand what your doing.  I printed off a copy of it and checked things off as I was making it.  And yes the below blue is actually a light grey and the borders are a dark gray and the checked ones are random batik 2 1/2 in squares.

This last week my mother in law Arvon came and visited (she slept on the couch 4 nights last week) I told her that I wanted her to help me design a quilt that I would make for her.  This quilt will be a larger twin and she will use it on her bed.  She lives in a care center about 5 hour drive from our house and we do not get to see her often.

The blue and yellow batik quilt and the pink and blue quilt other then colors is the same quilt.  I have all the blocks done for the bottom quilt and need to cut out the sashings and start sewing it together.  The one above I have 10 of 30 blocks done (they will be 5 wide and 6 long, I changed the plan after I made the images)   I would like to make patterns for all these quilts and put them on the blog.  But my real question is whether that is something that would interest my readers.

Tonight my wife picked up a project she started a  months ago (she made 1 block before and got half a block done tonight) yes she is slower then me.  I am the only one that goes 100 miles an hour quilting.  By the way my quilt top at the top I sewed all the block rows across and half the sashings (I ran out, did not cut enough the first time) and my top will be finished Tuesday night.

Look I even got a picture of her sewing on my daughters machine.  I took 4 pictures but she would only let me post one (yes I was excited to see her sewing).


Lisa Cox said...

Who wouldn't be interested in patterns?!!
I really like the batik quilt. I love batiks, LOL.
Tanya's block is cute. I like the color combination. Tell her she's not the only one who likes to go slow. I like to go slow so I can see where the needle is and make sure it's in the fabric and not my finger.

Cherie said...

The EQ7 sounds like the program to have! Great patterns there. Poor Tanya, with time she'll get faster =D

Anonymous said...

I am a retired Home Economics teacher who has recently taken up quilting. If I taught my students anything in 35 years I hope it is "Do it right the first time as it takes less time than doing in twice, or three times or more." This applies to many things, not just quilting. I know when I do something quickly or without thinking, that I will regret it if I have to have a "do-over." So don't fret about doing things slowly.
I am doing the FREE Craftsy BOM with batiks and it's really been fun.

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