Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lets Make a Purple Charm Quilt

The other day I agreed to doing a "Quilt Tree" this is a no money involved way to get to send others and hopefully get in return some fabric.  The deal is this.  You will get from me 2 six inch squares of fabric along with a copy of the letter explaining all of the rules.  In short you take the top name off the list put yours on the bottom copy the letter and then send out a total 14 - Six inch squares to the top name on the list and 6 others that you know. If every one sends it to friends and no one is a slacker you should end up with about 72 or so squares enough to do a purple quilt.

So what I need is people that are interested.  I need at least 6 of you to commit to playing the game.  Do not fear if your not the first 6 responses still put in if interested.  Do not put your address right away I will email you back for that (don't want them search spiders to add you to any silly mail spam lists) just put a message that you are interested and I will send a email to get your address.


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