Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beginners Quilt Along Block 2

Beginner’s Quilt-Along Today when I came home from work I found on the sewing table Tanya's 2nd block for the Beginners Quilt along.  The last block I helped her do so she was pretty happy with the fact that she did this one alone.  It looks perfect and is a hard block to replicate (maybe not since I had to make 2 for mine) If you have not joined into the fun of the Beginner's Quilt Along your more then welcome to check out the link here and join up.

Tanya when we started hicked my colors and her's My blocks for this block are kinda interesting.  It will go great with the rest when done I think.

Don't you love my colorful block, remember the other blocks in this collection have animals and other wild things .  This block is wild to fit in, though it kinda reminds me of a flag.

I found this picture on my camera and had to share it.  I am guessing one of the kids took it.

I spent the rest of my night assembling my blocks for my Color Blast quilts.  I am making 2 identical quilts in radical different types of materials.  Tonight I finished making my blue and yellow blocks.  I now have 30 of each type of block.  Thursday night I will start cutting the sashings and with any luck maybe get one of the tops close to finished so I can get one or both quilted as I am being a slacker only 2 finished quilts so far this month.

I did the disappearing 16 patch block to make the below block.  When I got done sewing them together I had to trim them up and you can tell how straight (NOT!) my blocks were by the pile of my trimmings they looked so cute I had to take a picture of them.


Anonymous said...

hello! i have been following your blog since giveaway and find it super inspiring! the work you and your wife do is really cool, and it blows my mind that you guys have a family and work and still are so productive.

i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! if you are interested in accepting it please check out the nomination post at my blog:

if not, that's okay! i am just glad to have found your blog and will continue to enjoy it. good luck with your current WIPs!

Anonymous said...

Tanya's block looks terrific, all the blocks do. You two are turning into a real quilt block factory!

prsd4tim2 said...

Love your blocks. And your pile of trimmings made me laugh - sometimes I think I'll save mine in a glass jar just to look at. But I love the sweet picture of your little one - looks positively worn out with all of mom & dad's productivity. LOL

Thanks for sharing.

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