Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 days of Quilting

It has come to my attention that Christmas is almost here.  I have been trying to put off Christmas because I am simply not ready.  We have too many things going on and not enough time.  But Tanya informs me that we have to put up the tree today.  Last august I started making my 12 days wall hanging.  I have decided that I plan to give one away to about every one I know (including one here on the blog) but they are not ready.  At the beginning of this year I started quilting and blogging and one of the first things I found and fell in love with is this Mini Mystery Quilt

Back in August, I stated working on this (and then quickly forgot it) you can see that post here. Last night Tanya and I were up way too late working on this.  I now have 11 blocks done (times a few dozen) The plan is to make 40 ish of these (yes I am nuts) I have blocks done for the first 15 or so.  Today I get to finish the 12th block (ok its block 10 I think that is not done) and finish assembling the blocks.  Above is blocks 1-6 in rows and below is left over mess of other things.

So I need you all to wish us luck in my crazy goal of 40 wall hangings before Christmas.  Now I have a question for all of you.  Have any of you tried to do something so crazy?


Last week the Sew Mama Sew giveaway was going on.  I have already received a email this morning telling me that I won a prize.  Feeling guilty about winning with out giving Tanya made me draw winners.  For any of you that do not know I am a Programmer and instead of silly I in SQL created a quick random to pick my winners.  I then let Jared run it a few times and then he stopped and here is the results. I will Email the winners after this post goes live.  Congrats in advance and thank you to every one that entered.

AnaCrafts said...78
I love sewing quilts more than anything else. I tend to use Gutterman thread but don't have that much experience of other types.
The winner of our Fabric and Tread is AnnaCrafts.  Congrats.

Kelli said...29
Your scrappy patchwork quilt out of Twirl with a minky back is really beautiful. I especially love the binding you chose. It really completes it and brings all those bright colors together.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm liking the blocks for your wall quilts. I'm currently making 9 mini quilts (still have to hand sew the binding on these) and I have 3 more mini quilts and a surprise (guess what, I don't know what I'm making yet) gift for the sewing group's exchange later this month. Eek! I do this stuff to myself all the time, just not 40 at a time. Have fun with them. It's ok if they are late this year (that's what I keep telling myself).

LesQuilts said...

Of course I've done something sooo crazy!
But when these come together, voila! you'll have a pack of gifts!
Just a hint, try chain piecing all your sewing, you'll save lots of thread! Even using a scrap of fabric to be a "leader-ender"!
Saves lots of mess too!
Take care, Leslie

Anonymous said...

No, I've never done anything that crazy. =) Good luck!

Foolish Feathers said...

When I was a child I loved making ornaments or another such craft to give away to our Friends and family. Be sure to get your child in on the action, trust me, it will stick with him.

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