Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Hearts

Posted by Tanya.  Yet another rag quilt.  I had this cut out waiting to be assembled before Christmas, but had a zillon other projects to finish.
 This one in gray and pink and hearts.  These are some of my favorite colors and I love hearts.  Do you notice a trend?
They happened to be our wedding colors way back when, almost 20 years ago. Richard likes oranges, I like pinks and grays. Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in less than three months and we are trying to figure out something to do that won't completely break the bank, and doesn't involve too much travel as we have four kiddos to worry about. Most likely, our usual dinner and movie will end up being it.

(Richard Speaking: Oh No, I need to think of a gift?  What to get the most wonderful woman in the world?  She already has me what else could even live up to that?  Any ideas let me know!)


Mike Pearson said...

Too bad traditional 20th is not cotton :-)

Gene Black said...

For Richard: How about a bolt of pink fabric and a bolt of gray fabric - the wedding colors.
20th gift is traditionally China, so how about the pink with cups and saucers on it. Modern is platinum so the gray covers that!
Two bolts of fabric in your favorite colors is an awesome gift for a quilter. (a bolt for each decade that she has put up with you) LOL

Charlene S said...

Oh, I don't know how Tanya feels about that suggestion but it sounds wonderful to this quilter! Could you make it to my husband only not pink but teal?

Nikita said...

Beautiful wedding picture! and lovely suggestion Gene Black made.

Anonymous said...

I love the wedding picture. Thanks for sharing that. Tanya is definitely a special woman. 20 years with that sense of humor would drive most women crazy. LOL

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