Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twisted Around

The other night I told my wife that I was finally going to use my twisted ruler.  I bought the ruler a year ago, with the desire to make a wall hanging or quilt with this pattern as I find it enjoyable.  Being scared of the weird shape, it has set in a box all that time without being used.  Well I am finally turning over a new leaf and doing things that scare me.

On other notes of things that can sound scary, last Thursday was our January meeting for the SLMQG and they elected their new  board of officers for the next year.  You say that does not sound scary.  My thoughts exactly when I walked into the meeting. When I walked out I was thinking other things.

Here is the Board as it was Elected.

President: Colleen Molen
Vice President: Marci Warren-Elmer
Secretary: Sarah Oviatt
Treasurer: Rachel McPhail
Historian: Brooke Johnsen
Web Content: Richard Healey
Charity Coordinator: Barbie Mills

Yes you read it right I am on the board.  I am excited in the sense that I guess that means I have been accepted as a male quilter. I am also nervous because now I need to step up and do a job that makes me nervous.  Not that I don't have the skills.  I am a programmer first and know my way around some web content.  I am nervous that I now have some responsibility and can't let them down.

So I like to have a question in almost all posts I write.  My question for today is have you ever served on a Quilt Guild Board and if so what position and tell me about it so I know what to expect.  If not a quilt board have you ever served on any board for a group or organization and if so same question.

Any way I need some encouragement and advice.  I guess I need to step up the modern game a bit more to fit in better.

Oh and if you don't think I am in enough trouble with just the board stuff check out this video of Julia walking.  Julia has improved her talents.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am serving on our quilt guild's Program Committee (2 yr. term almost up)and I think it was more work than any of the officer's jobs. Trying to please a mass of quilters with different loves of quilting has been interesting - as well as we introduced NEW things to the group. Finding and booking a 'high-end' guest was another challenge as they are booked so many yrs. in advance - and then we had some last minute cancelations - luckily we had a back-up plan (we desigend 6 of those for the two years so we could 'grab and go'). I have been nominated for V. Pres. for the next term - our quild approachess candidates - VP is expected to move up to Pres. - so it is a 4 yr. commitment.

Teresa in Music City said...

Congrats Richard! On trying out the Twister ruler as well as on agreeing to serve in your guild! A guild takes so many people to run it and make it a fun, positive place for the members. I served as President of my guild several years ago and enjoyed it immensely! My best piece of advice is to remember that the members are just people, and as such sometimes they can more be more like squabbling children than adults. They are at different times happy, sad, mad, glad, and occasionally just downright rude. Don't let that bring you down if it happens, and never take it personally! Use your talents to make the guild better than it was before you served and love as many of those people as you get the chance to love!

Mary said...

Sorry, Richard, there are no local guilds. So, I know nothing! Just do your best and have fun.

I enjoyed the twister quilt. Handle your cut squares carefully because they are all on the bias now and stretch easily.

Mary E. Stephens said...

No advice on the board membership, but if you need help on the web content you might find a usergroup that fits your needs to get help.

Julia is too cute for anything! Love her expressive little face! :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm in 2 quilt guilds. I've NOT accepted nomination in the large guild, but, I was president for 3 years of the little guild, and am currently vice pres, membership, newsletter, and help with programs. I was also librarian for a while (but, thankfully, someone offered to do that). I'm probably missing something. Oh well, we're a very relaxed group, so, it's ok if I forget something, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, she's walking! But she was just born yesterday! LOL She is growing up so fast.
Boards. I've served on several, and web person was the BEST position! I didn't have to do anything but keep the content up and current. People sent me their photos and I kept up with the activities and it was great! You know web design and html and probably much better at CSS than I am, so you'll have a great time. As you go, if you see things that can be improved, you can make suggestions. Wait a few months, though. Get a feel for the new board and all the people with whom you work first.

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