Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Such a Sew and Sew

I would like to introduce any that does not already know about the wonderful blog "Such a Sew and Sew" hosted by Elizabeth.  This is one of the blogs that has influenced me the most since I have started quilting and one of the first that I followed.  You could say I am a little biased because I have won things from her.  I will explain my newest thing later in this post.  A year ago with in the first few weeks of the year she was celebrating her Birthday and Blog anniversary, She inspired one of the funny posts I have done in the past where I offered as a giveaway my 17 year old son (well 16 at the time) if you have not read it go do so, its funny.

Long story short I won my first prize from her in February of last year, a Jelly roll which you can read on this post.  I am one that loves to talk (if you can't tell from my blog) and if you have ever commented on my blog (which I encourage) you will almost always get a fun response back.  I have had many a fun conversation with Elizabeth.  I think what I enjoy most about her and her blog is that she is friendly and helpful.  Through the early days of my blog when I had no clue what I was doing (Sometimes I still think I have no clue) she would always help and encourage me and later on I though reading her blog was inspired to try many new and exciting quilting techniques.  For example my great desire to learn paper piecing is so that I can do some of the amazing things she has done.

Well she does not know that I am doing this today, but I am sure she will read it as she has read and commented on almost every post I have ever written.  She is a True hero to me.  Take some time today and go visit her blog at http://emsewandsew.blogspot.com/.  You will love her blog, and while you are there tell her hi from me.

So as mentioned above there was incentive to me praising Elizabeth and its not just because she is a wonderful person.  Its that I won a wonderful prize from this months B-Day and Blog Anniversary.

This is a fat quarter from each of the 20 prints in  the Indie from Pat Bravo (Art Gallery Fabrics).  I am sitting here right now looking at all the pretty colors and trying to come up with a project or 2 to use them in. (suggestions welcome). This is not what makes me realize how special and neat Elizabeth is, almost a year I talked about a quilt that my wife Tanya wanted to make.  It is a "Bug Jar" quilt if you have ever seen one I talked about it back in this post. One of the things we realized is it is harder then one thinks to find the proper type of bugs to go in our bug jars.  In our conversations she mentioned that her and her mother were also working on a bug jar quilt.  Well along with what I won above, I received a huge stack of "Bugs" I am so excited Tanya and I can now finally do the bug quilts that we wanted to make.

So again check out Such A Sew and Sew and see why she deserves a post all about her.  Oh and for those interested in giveaways she has a wonderful finish giveaway every month (I won one last year) Go link up your finishes and win something too.


Elizabeth said...

Well, I am tickled pink. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I really do appreciate it! I wasn't expecting your fabric to arrive until tomorrow, so what a fun surprise for me to see that you got it a day early. I LOVE that Indie fabric line. It was so fun to work with, so fun to give away and I have something else planned (if I can ever get a minute) to do with it. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm a little embarrassed that it took me so long to get those bugs to you! But I am so glad you like them. I can't wait to see your bug jar quilts. I may get mine finished . . . someday.

I love seeing what you and Tanya (and your kids) work on together. You have such a neat family and I love that you all love to quilt together.

Thank you again. You brought a smile to my face and made my evening.

xo -E

Gene Black said...

Thanks for the tip, I went, I followed.

quiltmom anna said...

I have loved her blog for a long time as well. I entered one of Elizabeth's contests and won a lovely Abby bag which is a bag for thread needles etc that has a flower pincushion on the top- It sits beside my sewing machine when I sew and I love it. She does have a fun blog as do you.
I love the fabric you won- very pretty line of fabrics- I am sure that you will create something wonderful with it.

Mike Pearson said...

Wow, what a nice win! I love Elizabeth's blog too :) btw, can't wait to see the bugs :)

Anonymous said...

She's a really sweet lady, and you are lucky to have won things from her giveaways! Bug jar quilts are so much fun! When we made them, we couldn't stop, and we put Christmas candy in jars for a wall hanging, and then Halloween prints, and I still have more I'd like to do! Wouldn't it be fun to use the vegetable and fruit fabrics in one? Tall quarts and shorter pints, too!

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