Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Quilting Challenge

Today I finished the center of my Winter Challange Quilt  This is for the SLMQG or rather the parent guild, but I am participating.  We plan to add 2 borders to this to make it a smaller lap quilt.  I was able to cut it all out yesterday and assemble 8 of the rows at Sewing Saturday.  Tanya helped design this quilt and picked the solids (black and yellow) that we added to the challenge fabric.

After getting the center done, Tanya insisted I start quilting on Rebecca's Christmas quilt (yes its late, maybe by February I can finish it.  It is HUGE so it will take me some time.  I guess twin size to most is not huge, but it is the biggest things I have yet tried to quilt on my machine.

Lastly today its time to announce the winner of Link a Finish Friday   I also added a easy link at the top to have a easy way to find the current linky.

Last month we had 118 link up 

dec 27th 29 entrys
dec 20th 33 entrys  NUMBER 11
dec 14th 29 entrys
dec 6th 27 entrys

I used my sql skills and my son clicking the button to pick the winner

 set @maxRandomValue = 29 + 33 + 29 + 27
set  @minRandomValue  = 1;

Select Cast(((@maxRandomValue + 1) - @minRandomValue)
* Rand() + @minRandomValue As tinyint) As 'randomNumber';

Winner was 67/118 which worked out to number 11 on the 20th.  Or A Friday Finish by Jo's Country Junction.  Below is a picture of the winning quilt.  We will contact them and get their prize out.  Thank you to all that linked up last month.  Note the linky is always open for you to enter on.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Love the yellow and black and your daughter's quilt looks so pretty!

Janet said...

I love the colours in your zigzag quilt!

Anonymous said...

The winner was one of my favorite quilts! I love your chevrons - very cheerful!

PugMom said...

Hi Richard! Love the Winter challenge quilt--reminds me of Charlie Brown!

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