Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kids Quilting a Follow Up!

 Last Saturday I was happy to have our friends little girl back again to finish her quilt.  Last week she came over and we made her a quilt top (she did all or most all of the sewing).  Then with the help of my wife we made her a back and basted it.  We sent her home with the 3 layers basted together along with quilting frames (which I got when I first started quilting thinking that all quilts had to be tied or hand quilted) and with the help of her big sister and her mother they spent the last week and tied it all in multiple colors of yarn.

 This Saturday we made binding.  I cut the 5 strips of binding (we did 3 inches so she would have room to spare) and then after sewing the first inch and all of the corners she machine sewed on the binding.  We had to unpick a few times where she got so far off the edge that we could not pull it over but other then that rare exception she did amazing.

To finish it off my wife created a tag that said "{her name}'s 1st quilt" my wife made me scratch out her name in the pictures, but its cute.

As you can see she is one happy camper.  I wonder how many weeks will go by before I get her over again to quilt, I think I have her hooked on this.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How wonderful of you folks to share with a new talent - a definite quilter in the making. The smile says it all.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Oh I love see children making quilts! What a lovely quilt and what a sweet smile!

Anonymous said...

She definitely look happy about the outcome. It's a very cheerful quilt. I hope she comes back for more.

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